Not My Day(s)

>> Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woke up middle of the night to pee pee & couldn't sleep back! How sad is that! Told you it wasn't my day. Quite a number of things queued for this special Monday since the clock struck 12 last mid night. Let's start off with the 1st case.

Case #1
Last Sat night, right before Gab went back to bro's room to sleep, he asked if he can have his ipod back. After that question, I looked at where the ipod supposed to be and stunned for a while.. Guess what? "THE IPOD IS NO LONGER THERE!" Gosh~ I was scared that Gab will be so so mad and I just reply him that I'll return him next week. He nodded and went to bro's room. I tried so hard recaling where did I took it to because we all know that I used to attach the ipod to the speakers. I remembered taking it out one day but I left it beside the speaker if I wasn't wrong. I detached it frm the speakers is because I wanted to bring the ipod with me but then later I think it's too expensive and was afraid to lose it so I left it there. After 20 minutes, I went to bro's room and told Gab the truth. To my surprise, he didn't scold me for such big mistake that I've made, misplacing his ipod. He kept telling me it's ok, just go to bed. Don't waste time finding at night but I felt so bad. In the end, I promised him that I'll find it no matter what.

Case #2
Woke up by mum very early on Sunday for church because dad was one of the ushers. I felt so cold in the morning but my whole body was so warm. I really don't feel like going anywhere because I feel cold and tired. I went back to bed. Nobody disturbed me after that till mum done washing up. She woke me up.. AGAIN to get ready so we won't be late for church. See! Not my day again. Sick still have to go church! Shivering, luckily I brought my super thick jacket to church. Sick Sick sick~

Case #3
Monday afternoon, after showering, me and bro went downstairs because we off the router. It was raining very heavily. *Thunder & lightning* Normally heavy rain and thunder lightning is common but when I say it's not my day, definitely something happened! The Indonesian workers told us that the lightning stroke our roof top. WE were shocked and we went and have a look. Roof tiles on the grass and chipped off roof tiles. Sigh! Really first time in my life. I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Case #4
After checking out the roof, me and bro went in the house and took a nap. When my parents came back, we headed out for dinner as my bro said he wanted to eat Pan Mee. Before I continue, let us have some advertisement. This Pan Mee shop is located in Taman Ehsan, Kepong. It's near the market, it's always packed and it's great! The place is not THAT clean because that area has alot of pigeons around. Anyway, the food is great. Yummy~ Unfortunately, when we arrived, we noticed that it's not open on Monday. So if any of you decided to try, do not go on Mondays. Nevermind, we went on searching for food. As usual, my dad will randomly point at a shop to eat. In order to make him NOT to NAG, we went to the stall he pointed, the chicken rice stall. As usual, we ordered 4 drumsticks and some add-ons. Guess what? The man said cannot. What the hell? Not that it's unavailable or sold out, he just said cannot and suggested us to eat chicken breast. I was quite pissed off though and ask my mum to leave. Then my mum changed her order saying only 2 drumsticks will do. He still insisted a NO. My mum asked me if I'm ok? I said NO too! When we are about to leave, he told us can. Stupid! How can so many things happen in a day?


Last Bit of My Summer Break

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It has been some time since I last update my blog! As many of u are informed, I was away for ONE whole week to Hong Kong. Before I left for HK, I was rather excited as I've never expect myself to be in HK. (I'm not sure why I think that way!!) For those who never been to HK before, let me briefly describe my little breakaway so you can have a rough idea where to visit or what to expect there! Credits to Fang Chin for *clap clap* It helps.. alot!

16th Sept 2008
Me and mum took a taxi to LCC Terminal at 1.30pm. Before we left, I gave my dad a big hug because I know he'll be missing us badly! Unfortunately, I'm the one who is feeling bad, not OK at all. Maybe I'm not used to going somewhere without my whole family together. Anyway, I was very tired so I slept through the journey there. We headed to the departure hall once we reached. Shen Yin came shortly after we arrived. She and her mom checked in first as we still have to wait for my aunt. **fast forward** (lunch at McD ----> prepare to board the plan) We arrived at HK around 8.20pm. After all the tiny miny procedures and transfers (we took a bus that cost us 33HKD per person), we've finally arrived at our hotel, Dorsett Seaview Hotel in Yau Ma Tei. It's quite convenient as it's very near to MTR Yau Ma Tei Station (Exit C to be specific). After a long long day, we decided to have dinner and then head back to our room to get some rest.

* me & mum in the plane *

* She's definitely satisfied with her food *

17th Sept 2008
Woke up quite early as we are heading to Ocean Park. We had breakfast at a restaurant nearby to have dim sum and then head to the MTR station. The dim sum was great! The congee aka porridge taste superb! Yummy~ We took from Yau Ma Tei to Admiralty and then pick up a bus (No. 629) which will bring us directly to Ocean Park. For your information, Do purchase your Ocean Park entrance ticket at the tourist information centre situated along the way to the Ocean park exit. This is because you can save 23HKD per person! Finally, we arrived at Ocean Park after half an hour later. The weather is so hot and the humidity hits 80%! Gosh! My cousin sister, Shean Shean wasn't feeling quite well and there goes our day. Plan to Stanley Market is then cancelled. We headed back to the hotel right after having dinner nearby. After dinner, me and mum manage to catch Moonlight Resonance on tv! Woohoo~ Later at night, we went down to Temple Street to have a walk. Temple Street is a super LONG street and we're staying at the end of Temple Street. The stuffs are fairly cheap compared to the price back on Msia. Mum bought some shirts for her darling! *keke* Then, we had dessert at a shop nearby our hotel. I ordered "Momo Chacha" as they stated that's a Malaysian delight and coincidentally I missed Bubur Chacha. Sad to say it doesn't taste like it at all! Haha.. Anyway, something different and tasted not bad too!

* yummy dim sum breakfast *

* Mum at Ocean Park *

18th Sept 2008
Woke up and then was informed that my lil cousin is sick and they are not going to go out with us. So plan to the museums and to Tsim Tsa Tsui was cancelled! It was a BIG sigh at first but then mum say we can go shopping today and so my mood resume. After breakfast, we headed straight to Mongkok, the shopping heaven for everyone! We intended to go to the famous Ladies Street at first but we couldn't find where is it and wee ended up in Fa Yuen Street which we thought it was Ladies Street at first! Later on, we found out from the shopkeepers that Ladies Street is too commersialized and no locals will shop there, only TOURIST! They won't display the price on the items because they will just "CHOP" you with ridiculous price! We didn't believeat first but then till we visited the street, we realised that what they told us is true! It's so true! There's where the bargaining skill comes in useful! Despite of your bargaining skills, you too have to beware of nasty retailers! Not all HongKies come in peace.. I'm grateful to have a wonderful and generous mum because she kept asking me to.. BUY! Haha..

Mum: Wanna check out this shop? Me: Nah.. Bought too many d loH.. Mum: Aiyo! Buy lar if you like. You won't get to buy at this price in KL!

From the conversation above, you can see how much my mum LOVES me! Thanks mum! I love u TOO! Before we go for lunch, we headed to the electronics street to have a look at the gadgets! Oh my my! There are tonnes of gadgets shop and I bet you won't be going in to every shop. Let me intro the shop I went. From the MTR Mongkok exit B2, you'll find a 3 storey Esprit store. Exit from the back of this building and turn left. Walk all the way straight and then you'll see it! I've forgotten the name of the shop but it's quite a big shop! I managed to bargain for my camera from 2750HKD to 2000HKD with lotsa freebies! Definitely much more worth it after the large slash! We left Mongkok around 4.40pm becausewe bought too much and it's too heavy to buy more. Back in hotel, rest and then dinner time! We went to the same restaurant we had our breakfast yesterday to have steamboat because it seems that they are having a promotion, Eat All You Can and it's only 68HKD person! When we wanted to order, we notice that we can only order fish, pork, beef and vegetables ONLY! They only provide 2 prawns, a mussle, and some other seafood per person. Well fine, we didn't mind as we can order others as well. Things went wrong when the bill came up to an amount of 512HKD!! Gosh! There are some miscellaneous charges like soup 20HKD person, chilli sause 30HKD person, and soya sause 10HKD person!! Later on, we found out it was printed on the advertisement as well but it was super SMALL and it was printed in greyscale. *grr* Day ended with Moonlight Resonance episode 36!

* no time to smile because the noodle is just fantastic *

* morning view in Fa Yuen Street *

* result of shopping from 11am-4pm *

* foggy: because the aircon was too cold in the restaurant *
* let me know if you manage to see the misc. charges statement *

19th Sept 2008
Had breakfast at Mido Cafe, just behind our hotel. I thought I can have egg tarts there for breakfast but they don't have. Wonder why there's no egg tarts in the coffee shops? Got cheated by the tourist guide book AGAIN. Anyway, for TVB drama fans out there, this is the cafe they had their shooting for the drama Street Fighters, Miu Kai Ma Heng Dai. The Miu Dou cafe run by Hacken Lee in the drama is taken in Mido Cafe. The food was not that nice compared to the rest of the shops. After breakfast, we headed to Tsim Tsa Tsui because I wanted to visit the Museum of History, Hong Kong while E Joyce, my aunt wanted to visit the DFS. My plan was to go to the Avenue of Stars and Symphony of Lights at night but plan was cancelled as well. *sigh* My cousin wasn't feeling well and so we wondered around Tsim Tsa Tsui for quite some time after lunch in shopping centres because they said my cousin will sleep in aircon places. The funny thing was my aunt then walked in and out the shopping centres and lastly decided to go to Central, which is in Hong Kong Island. I wasn't quite happy actually but I just have to follow. I thought of going to Victoria Peak since we're at Central, but my mum said nothing much to do there, reminding me we're not the only people travelling. Gosh! I felt like wasting time! Big companies, designer brands and expensive shopping hub, that's all I have in mind to describe Central. Finally, we decided to head back. I thought we can go back to rest but my aunt suggested we should go Mongkok. I can understand why she wants to go there but we are all so tired and her daughter is not well. No choice! Once we are there, she went to Esprit kids. After about 20 minutes, she came out and said that not much of choices. She wanted to go to Ladies Street and so I led the way there. Before entering the street, we passed by the sports street. The moment I feel like checking out the shoes, my cousin cried and started throwing tantrum. She wants to eat fish ball! Gosh! Where to find fish ball all of a sudden? Nevermind, we walked pass that sports shops very quickly and finally found a shop that sells fish ball. When I turn a round, my cousin is asleep! My heart was so.. GRR! Can't describe at all. Totally no mood at all! After walking for a while more, we walked back to the MTR Station. We passed by a extraordinarily good business food stall before reaching the station. My uncle wanted to eat Smelly Tofu or more known as Chao Tau Fu so we stopped by. My aunt asked me, I wasn't in the mood and since I've tried before, I rejected the offer. They asked my mum to try so my mum ordered one. In the end, I have to eat mum's because don't know what sauce my aunt put in and then she decided not to eat hers. What a waste?!! That's my aunt and my uncle and my cousin, one of my dearest and closest relatives so I think I should just give and take. Going to the musuem might not be to their liking as well, but they followed us there too! I guess it was just my bad temper and I was too tired that's why! And maybe I think we're wasting too much on transportation lar! My mum bring me to HK already very good that's why if waste unnecessary money then I very sam tung lor! Anyway, I still love them.

* in the the musuem *

* one of the layouts during the 60s *

* my lil cousin looking tired and unwell *

* can't concentrate although the food is so good *

20th Sept 2008
Woke up quite early, had breakfast with my aunt and mum because my cousin having fever that's why my uncle have to take care of her in the room. After that, me and mum headed to Stanley Market. I didn't expect the journey to be so long! We took train to Central and then catch a bus at Terminus Square (No. 6 or 6X). The journey was long and the road is winding. Plus the bus driver's F1 driving skill, I felt so dizzy! Gosh! Suffering @#$%*! After a while, we felt better. Stanley Market here we come! Lotsa tourist around here but the price are still reasonable. Mum bought 9 surf shorts for bro! Some are 20HKD, some are 55HKD. I bought a few too! Mum got herself some chinese traditional samfu for Chinese New Year too! Bought lots of pillow cases, wine covers, chopstick sets and many more. After shopping for bout 2 hrs, our hands are full again. We had lunch at Delifrance Bistro because that's the only aircon place around. The weather is too hot! We went back to hotel after that. Poor E Joyce who have to stay in hotel most of the time. She missed all the shopping because of Shean Shean. Proven that mothers can do anything for their children. Mothers are great! That night, we had rice for dinner with some dishes. At first they are suppose to join us after dinner but my cousin was crying so they decided to head back to the hotel. Me and mum hurried to Mongkok again to get Man U jerseys and sport shoes for bro! After quite some time, we found a shop and bought 2 pairs of Nike shoes. I didn't want it at first but mum insisted! Thanks mum! After that, we rushed to Tsim Tsa Tsui and walked to Tsim Tsa Tsui East via the tunnel link and headed to Exit J. We managed to get ourselves to the Avenue of Stars where Bruce Lee's statue is. The view is magnificent! So colourful! Too bad we missed the Symphony of Light. I really want to thank my mum for accompanying me to these places. When we reached hotel, we accompanied my aunt to Temple Street. The main street is situated about 10 mins walk from our hotel. God is so nice to her that we managed to find a stall selling on the spot printing t-shirts. She managed to get quite many for Shean Shean. I got 1 for myself, 2 for bro, 1 for mum and 1 for my darling! It's so cheap for that quality of printing and the quality of the shirt. It's only 40HKD per t shirt. Isn't it cheap? After shopping for quite some time, we finally going home because the stalls are closing. Haha! There goes the last night in HK.

* posing with the Tsuen Wan Line board *

* Bruce Lee at Avenue of Stars *

* mum relaxing along the seaside *

* me again at the Avenue of Stars *

21st Sept 2008
My trip finally came to an end. All shoppings are done! Check out have to be done by 12 so we had breakfast early that morning. We had dim sum! Yummy~ We had so much and the bill came up to the sum of 164HKD only. Oh my! It's super cheap. I wonder why people are complaining that food in HK are expensive? It's even cheaper than eating in Genting Highlands. We checked out right after breakfast and went out to have a walk around the hotel while waiting for them. After checking out, we all went to the health dessert shop opposite to have herbal tea because me and my uncle were having sore throat. That 24 type of herbs tea really tasted so bitter! Yucks! But no choice. It's good for health and my sore throat. There are so many types of dessert. Too bad we're too full to try them out! Then we headed to Langham Place, a shopping complex, just to past time. While they were walking around, I asked my mum to find a place to sit down. We ended up at a cafe. We ordered a cup of ice-cream with 2 flavours of sorbet, green apple and lime! So nice sitting down resting. That's not the end. I ended up buying 6 boxes of contact lenses after comparing all the prices from different shops. So happy! So cheap! Later on, we walked back to our hotel nearby to have our last meal before going to airport. At the airport, that's where I finally get to online. Before I went to HK, I thought I can online often with my phone but too bad there isn't free wifi anyway near where I went. Sigh, anywhere there's wifi, it's a secured network. Grr~ Nevermind, Msia! I'm coming home! After 4 hours of flight, we finally arrived. After getting our luggages, we headed to the imigration to walk out of the terminal. Unfortunately, I was stopped by the police. Maybe we really shopped to much! Haha. Anyway, dad got a shock and he asked why are there 2 extra bags when we only brought 1 when we left home? Haha. No one answered him. God knows why! *shopping* Right after that, my dad fetched me back to Semenyih because I have class at 9am the next morning!

* yummy dim sum for breakfast *

* herbal tea and dessert *

* the place we had ice-cream *

* our luggages *

I think that's all for now! I'm currently still uploading pictures to facebook! Still NOT done with the uploads yet. So sorry! Next post will be up soon! Stay tuned!


Sweet but Sour = Fruitful

>> Friday, September 12, 2008

A wonderful gathering of the Chem Engerz enlighten my day, as well as my tummy! So full & so yummy~ As we were planning long ago, today is the day we all meet to have lunch before they leave! In the beginning, there were 16 of them of confirmed with me that they'll be attending. Unfortunately, there were some unforeseen circumstances that left the 4 of us.

Few days back, while I was confirming the numbers again, most of them told me they can't make it. Oh well, I thought it's ok as we can still meet. Afterall, the motive to meet up with those who are leaving to UK. As long as there is one of them attending, I will still meet with up with him or her. Moreover, Yi Yang and Steffi are confirmed! So the plan was on.

*Before food was served*
We arrived at Chilli's at 12.05pm. Steffi was already waiting inside. To my surprise, Shan was beside her too! Didn't expect him to be there because Chien Yi said 3 of them not coming (Chien Yi, Shan & Eryl). And so, we all waited together to be seated. **fast forward** We ordered some chips and drinks while we wait for the rest to arrive. Of course some cam whore sessions in between! One by one came and finally it came to a number of 11 of us!! We were happy at the meantime afraid that it will be awkward.

*Yang & Shan posing for Darlie advertisement*
Things went on well. Shehnaz was there too! Shan as usual was cracking out lame quotes that cause us to burst out into laughter. Hmm.. Let me share with you part of what happened today.

Yang: Hey Steffi, how are u traveling around?
Steffi: I'll be going to London by bus. I've got my tickets.

Shan: Hey guys, make sure you guys be careful cuz I heard people said...

Everyone was paying attention to what they were talking. We were expecting him to say something serious because he looked very serious!

Shan: I heard people said, "London bridge is falling down!"

Everyone remained silent for a while and the next second, everyone LAUGHED! How lame can he be? God knows. I think some of us didn't even talk to some of the present ones although we have been classmates for a year. Today is really a great time for us to catch up with each other! I'm glad Kee Kee, Chin Kiat, Peng Sang, Adrian & Isaac turned up today!

Before I forget, I would like to say that there is another classic incident which happened just now! I totally forgotten bout it! Thanks to Steffi who reminded me! *clap clap* I don't really remember the details but when i mix all together, this came out!! It all happened when Shehnaz planned to order dessert.

Shehnaz: Hey guys, siape nak share dessert? I can't finish ler..
Me: Cannot lar.. Damn full!
Yang: Err.. I don't mind if you guys wana share.
Steffi: Oh nonono! Im super full!
Shan: I didn't even finish my food.
Shehnaz: Actually you are full or what? Why didn't you finish?
Shan: Nah. Not full laH. It's just that I don't like BREAST!
Everyone: What?!!

Everyone laughed at his statement! Poor Shan immediately did a cover line for that! Wk

Shan: Aiyo, I mean chicken breast la. I don't like chicken breast larr!

Now everyone knows that Shan doesn't like BREAST! God knows what breast!

Moral of the story:
Always think carefully before you speak.
A simple word can mean a lot!

Lastly, we took a group picture before leaving the restaurant. Although there isn't many of them who turned up today, I still wanna wish all of u a safe n pleasant journey & all the best in UK! For those who didn't turn up, it's ok. We will always remember you! *Owh~ So sweet!* Hahaha.. Anyway, I did enjoy myself today. I had a great achievement too! My first time talking to Kee Kee! *Happy* For those who missed today's gathering, you can browse through some photos taken. Enjoy~

*Couples of the day*

*Natural picture of the day (according to Eugene)*

*Eugene, Yang & Shehnaz*

*Group picture of all who turned up*

*The very last group picture of the day*

After the last group picture, we have left the restaurant with a heavy heart. Although we know we will miss each other, but it can't change the fact that they are leaving. Take care my friends..


Spring Cleaning = Satisfaction + Exhausted

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm back with a new post as I've promised! Today is the day we ALL go back to TTS to clean our hse. Eugene picked me up at 10am as we have arranged earlier. I was extremely tired thinking that I can sleep through the journey there. But I ended up talking to Eugene and Sook Wan throughout the whole journey back to SEMENYIH! It's an achievement I didn't sleep in the car AT ALL.

It's 11.13am and we're in front of 10, Jalan TTS 2/4a. Finally, we're back there! CY was sleeping in the living room like a PIG. Hahaaha! To our surprise, he cleaned the house before we arrived. (although only downstairs) Thanks CY!! *clap hands* So, we headed to our own room and started to move the stuffs aside so we can start our mission. (too bad no pictures were taken)

We started off with wiping the tables, cupboards and racks. Eeew~ So dusty! Then, we vacumed every single corner of our room. CY helped us to clean our ceiling fan as well. The dust looks like burnt caterpillar - "mao mao cong"! ahahha.. So geli~ After repeating the process of vacuuming and mopping, woohoo, the room is sparkling clean! Keke! Feel so comfortable..

After the cleaning part, we started planning the placement of furnitures again. Just a lil information, we have shifted our furnitures around for 4 times last year. I was bored with the room, so Sook Wan was forced by me to move them! How evil~ After an hour of pushing the furnitures around, finally we decided on... Will update the pictures as soon as i go back to TTS! That will be in another 2 weeks time..

4 of us were chatting and hanging out in our room while deciding where to have lunch. Oh well, it's best to go to an air-con place in such hot day and that is non other than Old Town Kopitiam, Metro Point. One thing i need to say here is the prawns are so NOT fresh! Yucks! After our meal, we went home. *tired*

When I was home, I thought I can have a good sleep after shower but I ended up helping my bro with his folio. Gosh~ I need more energy!!! **fast forward** After dinner, I went for tuition. (thank goodness it's only 2 hrs today) Now I think I better catch some rest. Waking up early tomorrow because we're having lunch appointment at 12pm in Mid Valley!! Bye bye~


Hectic Encounter

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's another day nearer to school reopen. Many things need my attention and preparations. I felt really tired. It was the worst when I received an email from that the hotel we booked is fully booked! I was so worried. For readers' information, I'll be goin to Hong Kong to spend my very last bit of holiday with my mum, my aunt, my lil cousin and my uncle.

"How can this happen at this moment?" I mumbled to myself. It's a week before departure date and yet we are not confirmed with the accommodations. O gosh! This is real trouble. Moreover, I have a lil cousin comin with us. How can this happen? I cracked my head and thought for quite some time and finally decided to book through! At least I feel safer booking through a local agent and so happened my friend works there!

After comparing the hotels over and over again, I decided to book the hotel we decided before, Dorsett Seaview Hotel, Hong Kong. Since it's a last minute deal, I felt satisfied with the price. Rm325 per night isn't too costly I think. At least problem solved. Now I have to continue planning for the trip. Many things that I need to consider in order to have a pleasant trip! Hey friends, if yu guys have any suggestion, feel free to drop me a msg! I need to arrange for airport transfer to hotel, places to shop, places to visit & lastly places to EAT!!

Next, I have to pack my stuff to go back to uni. Eugene, Sook Wan & I are going back to TTS (a house we rented nearby our uni) to do some cleaning up! New semester is coming and I think there is a need for us to clean the house before going back to stay. This thurs is gonna be a hectic day for me because I have to go back to Semenyih in the morning, finish cleaning by evening and giving tuition at night! Oh my my~ Can I take it?

After a long day, there'll be another long day the next morning. As the previous post has mentioned, we, Chem Eng Year 1 students will be having a farewell gathering at Mid Valley. Although not many people are coming, I still hope it will be a warm one. I'm actually worried for the ambience of THAT day's lunch get together because most of them who are turning up are from different different gangs. I'm afraid things might not work out.. Anyway, I hope for the best! *Pray hard*

I think I'll be goin to bed now. Too many things to think, to do & to be carried out. Tuition express lessons' note not done, drama not finish download, stationaries haven't buy, bedsheet haven't wash, clothes haven't pack.. I think I should stop because the list will never end! Good nite my friends~


It's a Rainy Day..

>> Monday, September 8, 2008

Rainy day normally symbolizes moody, emo and sad. But we (Gab, my bro and I) was hyper active on THIS special rainy day! It was so heavy at first. But when it gets smaller, we ran outside and start sweeping the "flood".. Nah.. Just exaggerating the situation! The water level were quite high I suppose that we are like walking in a pool of water.. Anyway, this was what we do!

All of us grabbed a TOOL to sweep the water. More like playing in the rain.. It was drizzling that time. I used a soft broom, Gab used the hard one and my bro got himself the lidi. My bro wasn't use to the lidi, so he kept exchanging with Gab. We enjoyed playing under the rain and at the same time enjoying posing for the camera!

Sweeping water is like a never ending task! The more we sweep, the more the water flows here! Haha.. It's the company that kept us happy! We were splashing water at the same time. Bubuu no longer afraid of water anymore. For those who don't know what happened before this, check out this post! Bubuu joined us too. She was so excited jumping here and there.

Bubuu loves to play with moving things.. When we are sweeping, her head turns right n left aiming at the broom! ahhaaha~ So cutee! Lastly, we all washed our legs and head back into the house for table tennis session! More pictures of the "water session"..

*It's Bubuu watching us washing our legs"
*posing for fun*
*Bubuu - the watcher*

That's all for today. I think the next post will be up by Thurs nite.. Stay tuned!


Family Day

It has been sometime since I post up something. I was so tired that I slept around 9 something yesterday. Although I was tired, but I enjoyed yesterday so MUCH!! It all started on Saturday afternoon when I was too bored.

*I won Gab.. Wahaha~*

Then we start to think of stuff to do again. We ended up playing congkak at home till my mum said, "Girl! Let's go out!" I was suppose to feel happy but I felt reluctant instead. Oh well, we ended up in Ikano. I wonder why mum still wana go out since she's not feeling well. I supposed to accompany her at home. On our way there, I was telling my bro that I would like to have a treasure hunt. **fast forward** Everybody was excited! We invited my cousins to join us too! That night, I started planning.

*Me n bro gone crazee at ACE Hardware*

I woke up at 5.45am the next morning to get everything ready. It was too dark outside. Therefore, I didn't manage to go out myself. I was a lil scared.. hahaha! Around 6.30am, I woke my bro up so that he can get ready. Then, I woke my mum too. i went to our first destination to place the hints at different stations.

After that, I drove home to pick my bro and mum up and we headed to the park. This treasure hunt is organised for everybody to have fun. There are 8 of them competing altogether. 8 of them were seperated into 2 teams. The Goh family and the Yap family. After explaining the rules and details of the game, off they go to start their search.

After an hour, the hunt officially ended. The Goh family won the 1st prize although the Yap family reached first because this is a game of luck. It depends which clue u found. The clues are designed to lead them to 2 different routes. Therefore, nobody will know who is the winner till the end of the hunt. Afterall, it was exciting and challenging!

At least my mum felt healthier runnning and jogging the whole housing estate as she hasn't exercised for quite some time. The saddest part is I didn't manage to take any pictures. It's okla, we headed to McD for breakfast after resting for a while. With my aunt around, there is always jokes and laughter!! Here are some group pictures.

*Exhausted after the hunt*
*A candid shot*

After breakfast, we all went back home. My bro slept straight away; As for me, my mum asked me to accompany her to the hardware shop to choose the tiles for the side of our extended porch. *sleepy* After that, we dropped by swan's house. Was there till around 2 something and finally we're heading home.

"Owh gosh.. Im left with 1 hour plus to sleep." This is because we've an APPOINMENT! With Jon, at StarPlus. We're going to EXERCISE again! So healthy! Honestly, I really don't know when was the last time since I played badminton. My cousin followed us for badminton session as well. After 2 hours of badminton, I only won once. *Geng*

It was really a long day for me. After dinner, I came home and took a shower. After that, I went to bed. There goes my day!


Movie + Drama = Momathon

>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

It has been quite a long holiday for me.. It's 4th Sept now and I haven't done much throughout my 4 months break.. In less then 20 days, I will be back in Semenyih living a boring life.. AGAIN~ Anyway, I would like to say I have watched quite a few movies and dramas this holiday and I would like to share with you my very own movie reviews.

The Bank Job
It is a British 2008 crime film directed by Roger Donaldson and starring Jason Statham, based on the 1971 Baker Street robbery in central London. The whole plan took place when Terry, a car dealer was offered by a beautiful model, Martine. Terry has always avoided major scams but finally accepted the offer because he knew that is a lifetime opportunity for him. They targeted a roomful of safe deposit boxes worth millions in cash and jewellery. Other than Martine, no one knows that the safe contains dirty secrets that will actually thrust them into a deadly web of corruption and illicit scandal that spans London's criminal underworld, the british government and the Royal family itself. The producers allege that the story was prevented from being told because of a DA-Notice government gagging request, allegedly to protect a prominent member of the British Royal Family. According to the producers, this movie is intended to reveal the truth for the first time, although it includes significant elements of fiction and the extent to which it represents historical fact is difficult to determine. It is a great action movie I would say and my rating for it - 9/10.

Ninja Cheerleaders
This movie is about 3 hot, intelligent and tough college girls, April, Courtney and Monica. They are currently pursuing their first semester and they are required to do well in their finals in order to enter university. In the day, they are like normal college students and goes for cheerleading practises. In the night, they are dancers at the night club. They took part in a competition beacuse they need that sum of money to pay for their university tuition fees. At the meantime, their guru was kidnapped by the bad guys. The mastermind behind the scene kidnapped the guru because he wants to have his night club back. The whole story is mainly about how the girls made it through to the finals in that competition while trying to save their guru out. I find the story rather illogical as the so called ninja girls are undefeatable till the end when they face another ninja woman. Throughout the show, they have no injuries at all. It's total rubbish. Not interesting, not catchy at all. Meaningless. My rating for it - 3/10.

This movie is about how a bunch of bright student earn big money in Vegas. Ben Campbell is a brilliant student who works very hard to earn money for his school tuition fees. He was noticed by one of his lecturer for his genius mind in mathematics and was offered to join a group of the school’s most gifted students that heads to Vegas every weekend with fake identities. The movie shows how they know the way to turn the odds at blackjack in their favor. With unorthodox math professor and stats genius Micky leading the way, they’ve cracked the code. The team played the game by counting cards and by giving their own signal. Ben joined the team to earn his tuition fees which is 300,000 dollars but in the end he couldn't resist from playing on the game. He ended up got caught and beaten by the casino's enforcer. When he is back from Vegas, he noticed that his room was in a mess and all his money was gone. I love this show very much especially the way the deal with the game. The way they count cards are really terrific. I would rate this awesome action movie 8/10.

Other than the 3 movies mentioned above, I've also watched movies like My Mom's New Boyfriend, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, P.S.I I Love You, Sex and the City, Meet Dave and many more. More reviews will be coming up on the next post! Stay tuned!

Beside movies, I've been a great fan of Hong Kong TVB drama. Those were shown and are showing on Astro On Demand are my all time favourite. The dramas I'm watching now is Moonlight Resonance and Your Class or Mine. Both dramas are equally interesting but both are of different genres.

Moonlight Resonance
This is a story about a big family fighting over power, love and family. The casts are from the previous drama, Heart of Greed (溏心風暴). It all started many years back where Chung Siew Hor and her husband Kam Tai Jo have been working hard for many years to establish a famous reputation for their Moonlight Cake Shop. However, Hor discovers that Jo commits adultery with her best friend Yan Hong and she breaks up with him miserably. Hor brings along her children Hou, Hing and her step daughter Yuet to start a new life with a new cake shop. Hong moves in to live with Jo and she starts playing tricks in the family. She tries pleasing her mother-in-law in every ways while disuniting her stepson and Jo. Outside the family, Hong starts expanding their business rapidly and Hor's younger sister Chung Siew Sa is displeased. Sa decides to fight for the ownership of their cake shop's brand name in court with Hong and their relationship with Hong further deteriorates. Sa is also a person who can betray her family for money.

Apart from the cake shop business, Hor also spends a lot of efforts on her children. Her oldest son, Ka is not interested in managing the cake shop at all and he indulges himself on stock trading. He also develops an entangling relationship with his cousin Ka Mei and Yuet at the same time. Ka Mei is Sa's daughter and acted as if she's a very nice person but actually she does everything for a reason. On the other hand, Hor's younger son Hou takes up the role of a father in the family and he works hard all the time to earn a living. Hou loves his childhood friend Chau whole-heartedly but Chau is in love with the doctor Ling Chi Soon. Hor works hard unconditionally to strive for the well being of her family members. Hong, on the other hand, is a very mean person who values her own benefits only. Jo is caught between the two women all the time and he feels helpless.

One day, a disaster happens at the cake shop. Here comes a time when human nature, family bonds and love are brought to a trail. This is a very interesting drama and worth watching. This drama consists of 40 episodes. Each and every episode brings you joy, pain, disappointment, suspense, anger and all the emotion you can have. Go ahead and watch it! There's too much to write. Why not you watch it and let me know what u think bout it? Trust me, you'll never regret! 2 thumbs up for this drama!

More reviews will be up soon! Remember to stay tune for more movies and dramas reviews!

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