It's over.. Finally!

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back! For those who are studying in University of Nottingham, (Malaysia Campus of course!) congratulations for completing another academic year and start preparing to "turn on" your HOLIDAY mode! I finished mine yesterday, environmental management was my very last paper! Not to mention much bout the paper, because I only remembered how happy I was when I heard "You may leave the hall now.."

We gathered outside the exam hall and started to have some shots! Later on, we decided to go outside to have more more more shots as the weather is so nice! Everything seems to be feeling so good maybe because exams are over?

* wina & steph before entering the HALL *
* 2 -> 3 *
* group mates plus outsider *
* wina's shampoo ad *
* smiles from us *

The environmental students camwhore, camwhore & more camwhores.. We did several jump shots, the phone advert, shampoo advert and many more! Hope you guys enjoyed the last paper! *haha* Lastly, I would like to wish all of you Happy Holiday & take care! See you soon!

* shan advertising for his fone? *
* 1..2..3.. *
* JUMP! *
* conquered *
* jumps.. jumps.. and more jumps.. *
* moving to another site *
* random poses *
* compulsory group picture *
* wina, sheril + steph *
* she's just so excited *


Fung was Back!

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

The title is suppose to be "is" instead of "was" but because of the delay, it shall be "was".. Hrm.. What a wonderful Labour Day we ALL had this year! Nothing is better than family gathering! My whole day was so so FILLED with joy!

Breakfast at Taman Tun, grocery shopping at the market, tau foo fa as dessert, siew yuk (roasted pork) as appetizer for the next meal, cousins chatting heaven, cooking session, shepherd's pie eating session, healthy walk at the nursery & lastly our crabbish dinner!

* essential ingredients *
* the cutting & chopping session *
* garlic, potatoes & carrots *
* cooking in progress.. *
* transferring.. baking *
* cheese.. more chesse.. *
* they definitely enjoyed! *
* cousins *
* time to digest for the next meal.. *
* very nice bonsai *
* flowers *
* Swan, Jane, Fung & Jamie *

Seriously there's too much to write about but Jamie is definitely the VVIP of the day as we bring him around and taste his shepherd's pie! Everything seemed so enjoyable and it definitely IS because we're one BIG family! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! Do check my facebook album for more pictures~!!

* super yummy *
* family & more family *
* love you guys! *


Examination Fever

Exams.. Exams.. Exams.. Arrggh! I'm sure most of the primary schools, high schools, higher education institutions are having their mid-term or finals now.. Same here! *sigh*

This semester is one of the toughest semester for my degree according to seniors. We have a total of 6 papers and now we're left with 3! Bye Bye CPE, PLD (hate u deep deep!) & MPN!

BLAHHHH! I have nothing to say about this exam.. Anyway,

All the best to all! BYE!


On the Day..

>> Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a continuation of the previous post! The last few hours of my 20 years of life were spent together with my classmates. Eugene, Peng Sang & Eugene from dinner onwards, Han Ming & Jen after dinner. After dinner, we went shooting ball! As usual, I won Peng Sang & Eugene. *wakaka* I'm proud of that although my score isn't that high!

* courtesy of Peng Sang *
* super random *
* Chong Ee and his poses *
* the 3 of us at Old Town *
* Aiming.. *
* She shoots.. *
* Final score *

Then, we had coffee in Starbucks till it was about to close. There, we met Jen & Anthony studying too! After ordering my caramel frappe, we started our revision. "study, study, chit chat, chit chat"

* Steph, Peng Sang * Eugene *
* the caramel frappe(s) *
* cute cute JEN *
* all of us.. *

**fast forward** Headed to McD because they wanted to watch the super match, Arsenal vs Man U! Of course I supported Man U lor.. Like I always do! When we arrived, many were there too! Saw Shi Wei, Pei Wen & friends, Ching Yi's gang was there too! Phone calls & sms(s)

* Them, studying.. *
* my notes *
* stressing.. *

Around 2.15am, Peng Sang & I headed down to where the rest were! A nice seating to watch the match! I was super hungry but I just had to wait till BREAKFAST was served! After the match, we went home & to my surprised, i had 40 notifications! Thanks people for the wishes ya! Usually I don't bother replying but this time I did reply! *heart*

* breakfast.. yummy *
* McD & Old Town - breakfast *

Slept at 6 something... *zzZ* "Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju..." Someone called and sang this to me! Guess who? None other than the other birthday boy, Chung Siew! We both had the same birthday! We went to Old Town for breakfast and then mahjong at their places till around 12 something! (Thanks C. Siew & Keiron for the "gift"!)

* mahjong session *
* After mahjong session *

Then, went to Tesco again for lunch with Peng Sang. This time I broke my high score, 319! woohoo! First time in my life! *proud* wakakakka! Then, we studied till dinner time LORR! Thanks everyone for the gifts and wishes! Definitely appreciate it!

* wee~ my score! *


Happy 21st Birthday

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's here finally! The legal age to enter casino.. I'm officially 21 today! Sad that I can't do much now because my 1st paper, the killer paper (CPE) is 2 days later.. How sad man! How I wish I have my loved ones with me on this day? Oh well.. I've celebrated my birthday few weeks back, on the 25th of April! It was definitely a BLAST!

* the venue of my party *

Would like to personally thank my parents for doing this for me, thank bro & Gab for helping around that night, thank my relatives for making themselves available for the night, thank my friends for the wonderful presents! *touched*

It started in the morning when Q-Jelly lorry came! It's my cake! Thanks to Kor Eu Jian & Tiffany for the lovely cake! I love it very much.. Then, we cleaned the outside of the house in the noon before the guests arrived. Unfortunately, I fell! Ouuucch! Damn PAIN! No joke, I couldn't even stand up on my own.

* Half an hour after the FALL *
* 8 hours after the FALL *
* minor cut *

**fast forward** Catering layout by E Julia, arrival of guest & then the food! FYI, we catered from my aunties, Daun Pandan Cafe (serves authentic nyonya cuisine for all occasions!!) As more and more people arrived, I got more and more busy. Eugene even teased me that I won't be free for more than 3 minutes at the table with my food!

* Food Spread *
* The LEE's family + Stace ** Yap Family *
* High school buddies *
* the younger generation *
* My beloved grandma all the way from Malacca *

The funniest part was the part where I receive my present from PS, Yih Chuh, Z Kang, CY, Eugene & Swan. They wanted me to carry the box all by myself! That's seriously so crazy if you know how heavy it is! Thank gawd my baby was there to help me out..

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Stephanie,
Happy Birthday to you.."

* My cake ** Shean & Steph *
* Dad's side relatives *
* Mum's side relatives ** Multi Lingual Birthday Song *
* smile~ *
* Cake Cutting Ceremony *
* Uncle Kuan Yew & family *
* Jamie & 2 ku *
* Fung & Steph *

After THE makan session, they requested me to open my presents. So, I did! I took pictures with those who gave me the presents before I open them. **fast forward** Shall speak no more..

List of presents I received on that night:
1 - White Blouse & Cat's collar from Fung che & Jamie
2 - Swarovski Necklace from How kor, Fung che, Jamie & Shen kor
3 - Skin care pack & T-shirt from Ka che, Swan & Jun Shum
4 - 8GB Kingston Data Traveller 101 from Ah Sok & family
5 - Giordano T-Shirt from Pravin
6 - Photo Frame from Keng
7 - Necklace from Tng family
8 - Ear rings from Aunty Chai Keng & family
9 - Diamond Ring from my Grandma
10 - Necklace from Stacie
11 - Jelly cake from Kor Eu Jian & Tiffany
12 - Ang Pau(s) from Kor Eu Jin, aunties & uncles
13 - Body Shop Gift Pack from EJ kor & Sher Ling
14 - Brown Scarf from C+ kor & GF
15 - 21 Items Chest from my uni mates

* Busy opening presentss *
* the crazy heavy chest *
* Mummy, u looked cute! *
* Mal Mal's favo *
* Forced to wear it and drink it *
* now you know why.. *
* i looked so innocent *
* EJ kor kor & Sher Ling *

* Steph & the SIA(s) *
* 2 LEE(s) + 1 YAP
* St. Marians *
* Special performance by EJ *

For your information, the 21 items is contributed by Peng Sang, Eugene, Wina, Swan, CY, Yih Chuh & Z Kang! They are..

1 - Kotex Maxi Wing
2 - Toilet Roll
3 - Statement Tee
4 - Toothpick
5 - Toothpick holder
6 - Mentos
7 - Frost
8 - Eggs
9 - Cotton wool
10 - 8 litre of water
11 - Pin Pin Biscuits
12 - Soft Huggiez
13 - Warm Heineken
14 - Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder
15 - Hershey Kisses
16 - Guava pack
17 - Friskies Tuna
18 - Pocky
19 - Cotton Buds
20 - Watson Plasters
21 - Darlie Traveller Kit

* Thanks people! *

Did I not mention my family & Gab? Haha! I haven't get anything from them yet. They gave me the option to choose myself! So I'm gonna do it after my exams! *weeee~*

For further coverage of this event, do log on to and check out my profile! Thanks again for all who loved me so much!

On the 30th of April, Gab's mum ordered a homemade orange cheese cake for me as well! Although they are not here to celebrate with me, I still appreciate the thought! The cake is yummilicious~ *weee* So extremely rich! *cheezy orangenzy*

Align Center* whole cake *
* Happy Birthday *
* smile & eat the cheese *
* mwahh~ *

On the 4th of May, I met up with one of my besties, Jermaine! Although we're from different courses, seldom hang out, yet we make perfect pair of best friends! Seriously I have no idea why are we can be so close whenever we meet. I really thank God for this arrangement, for me to know you! When we met, she gave me a warm hug! Then, she gave me a present! Guess what's next? She played the music box and sang a birthday song for me!!! Really really touched girl~ I love you and I promise we'll meet up after exams! *hugz*

* her love for me *
* z present *
* love u gurl *

Last bits of my 20 years in my life.. I was in Old Town Kopitiam at 7.30pm with Eugene, Peng Sang & Chong Ee! Guess what!! We all ordered BREAD only. That's for dinner! *winks* Next, we headed to Starbucks to have a drink! Met Jen & Anthony over there.. Chilling~ I love the ambience over there. Perfect for studying..
Happy Birthday to ME!

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