Brand New iPod Classic 120GB for Sale!

>> Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey guys! It's Christmas & New Year's approaching.. It's time to pamper yourselves today!

Are you a fan of APPLE product? An iPod perhaps? Check THIS out!

I'm letting go this very last unit of..

iPod Classic 120GB Silver

starting bid of RM850

with an increment of RM5 each time you bid!

OMG! It's so so CHEAP!

Where else can you get?

Share this GOOOD news with your friends and family!

What are you waiting for? Drop a comment if you are interested!

1 - Normal retail price is RM999 (Machines, One Utama)
2 - Warranty can be claim from any authorized retailers (Eg. Machines, Mac City etc.)
3 - It's brand NEW! (Sealed with plastic!)

For more info, do drop me a comment here or at my chat box or maybe SMS me at 0126768908! Bidding ends at 25th Jan 2009!


Unlucky Part of My Day

>> Monday, December 22, 2008

Arrgh! How bad luck can I be?

When I was cooking, I burnt my hand..

When I was shifting heavy boxes, I cut my finger..

When I was trying to climb up to put the boxes, I almost slipped and fall..

When I'm almost done with the cleaning, I felt that I'm having wheezing..

I'm goin to bed to avoid more things to happen!

Night people!


Grandma's 67th Birthday Celebration

Finally I'm back again with my grandma's bday post! My grandma is a lady who enjoys dancing, drinking & singing.. Woohoo! This is the very first dinner we invited so many friends and relatives. We decorated the room we booked with ribbons, balloons and many more fancy lil thingy that will make it more BDAY-ee!

Lotsa preparation done by me thought! The agenda paper with testimony and thank you section really cracked my head! Gosh~ It's worst than writing an essay. But since it's for my dear MAMA, I will do it! Hmm.. Slide shows, lyrics for the songs, games and more! Everything needs rehersal, needs preparations..

* first page of the "booklet" *
* last page of the "booklet" *
* centre page of the "booklet" *
* several copies of "booklet" *

Some highlights of the night:
1 - "You Raise Me Up" touched everybody's heart! *cry cry*
2 - My ku Jeff brought up the crowd! *rock n roll*
3 - Uncle Francis is drunk! *dancing king*
4 - Everyone was surprised to see Mag's video.. *cute*
5 - Shean Shean sang & danced! *jr. star*
6 - Karaoke & cha cha session *happy*

* Slide show of the lyrics *
* When tears rolling down their cheeks *

* Everyone started to feel the song.. *
* Shean Shean singing "Burung Kakak Tua & Rasa Sayang *
* 2 old mans tryin to act cute *

Anyway, I wouldn't wana say much bout this celebration! Let the pictures do the talking ya!

* the pretty ladies of the family *
* Lovely cousins *
* Grandchildren dedicating a song *
* Me, Gab & mama *
* Game - Tie hair for ur loved ones *
* bday song fot the bday girl *
* dancing fever *
* Ashley & Stef *
* Me & my darling cousins*
* Tiff, Jian, mama & mum *

More videos will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned!

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my dear MAMA!


Random Drinkin' Nite

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hey people! I'm back again! Sorry if you guys are waiting for my updates on the few events earlier because I'm gonna blog about our random drinking nite we jz had jz now.. Gab told us to have a drinking nite because his dad is clearing his collection of liquor and therefore there's this extra bottle for us - Grant's, 50% alcohol content!

* People around the table *

The whole drinkin nite started off around 11.30pm after the girls arrived. In the beginning, mum was still drinking with us but she left us an hour earlier before we ended our session. Mum and Eugene shared a glass of drink (on the rock), me having my own (mixed with 40% coke), Swan & Stacie sharing a glass (mixed with 60% coke) & lastly Gab with his glass of drink added with abit of water!

* Our drinks! *

We started with just calling Big, Small, Red, Black, Odd cards to drink and many more. The rules changed when this is just too boring! We switched to Black Jack! WOohoo! It was quite killing as the chongkar has to take the risk to DRINK! Gab started and then Swan's turn. Both only had to drink 3 gulps! Lucky Stacie when she got a sets of 5 cards and it's only 18! *damn*

* Swan is SUPER red *

Everyone had to drink double! Next, it's Eugene and then mum's turn! Mum was lucky too - BLACK JACK! Gosh~ How unlucky can we be? Then, it MY turn! I saw my card.. *confident* I opened Gab's card when he took a card! Haha! BoOm! And so he DRANK! Swan's turn, i did the same thing and she too, DRANK! Everyone was so afraid as I was so confident with my cards!

* me & mum *

* Mum with her Black Jack *

The only one I have to drink is Stacie as she got 21! Guess what's MY card? It was 16! Wakaka! Nobody expected me to have ONLY 16! I was so PROUD of myself! Next, we had the 1-K game where each card has it's own meaning. This is where people got KILLED! Lookin at all of them, from sober till tipsy and then drunk! CUTE!

* Me & my lucky 16 *

We ended around 1.20pm because Stacie needs to go back home! At first, Gab was suppose to drive Swan's car while Eugene drive alone and I follow them at the back. But then Swan PUKED and she felt much better so she drove at last. Gab ended up following Eugene's car! Thank God he did because Eugene is definitely DRUNK! OMG! He drove like an animal..

* When it just started.. Swan's the only RED one *

* Comparison: the RED Swan and the RED heart *

* the 4 of us when Eugene was using his TOILET CARD *

* Eugene is getting HIGH *

Lastly, I would like to thank God that everyone went home safely! Hopefully you guys rest well and have a sweet sweet sleep tonite! Thanks for coming! See ya! Some of the pictures taken after we stop drinking..

* Cousin - the RED & the not so RED *

* Eugene & Stace - both tipsy *

* Eugene claim himself PRO because he still manage to take a clear image *

* Happy family *

* Eugene & Stacie.. AGAIN *


Malacca Makan-Makan Trip

>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey guys! Im finally back.. Sorry to my dear readers who were waiting for my next post! Have been BUSY since last Fri.. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome of all events though.. It was so much fun. Imagine u had fun eating, had fun singing, had fun dancing with uncles & aunties, had fun throwing ur frenz into the pool and many many more in a week.. Let me tell u more!

Let's begin with our very own MAKAN-MAKAN trip to Malacca! It was a 2D1N trip in Malacca. We stayed in Chong Ee's house in Taman Sentosa, Malacca (if any of u know where this is). It's an empty house abandoned for a month. Quite dusty but we managed to clean it! The worst thing was the LIZZARDS. OMG! Total nightmare for me as I'm super afraid of lizzards.. *haha*

* Han Ming went toilet while we were having this shot *

So, bout the food trip.. When we arrived, we headed for Chicken Ball rice. Me myself don't really fancy but for tourist like the rest, it's a must for them to at least try this! Glad they like it! Next, we went for pork satay! Woo~ My favourite! Together with it's pineapple sauce.. *orgasmic* Although it's small in size, I still don't mind as I still love it so much!

* Balls, Chix & Vege *

* Eugene posing, Peng Sang staring *

* Gays in action *

* Cousins - Swan & Stef *

Then, we proceeded to Nadeje Cafe few doors away to have some delicious, unique and nice looking milcrepe! For those who love cakes, I think you guys should try this! There are 2 branches in Malacca, there's 1 in Dataran Pahlawan & the other in Melaka Raya. Not that hard to locate! Trust me! You'll never regret!

* 3 slices of cakes - original, cheese & choc banana *

* havin' a shot before we left *

* this is just too good to be described *

* the 3 "partners" - Chong Ee, Han Ming & Peng Sang*

Then, we went to a cendol stall in Kota Laksamana! This is one shop that is always FULL! Lucky us to have our seats fast enough. Then, we went on having more cendol in Jonker Street's Bibik House. According to Chong Ee the durian cendol is one of the best! Indeed it tastes very durianee!! ahaha! Next stop - GIGANTIC POPIAH!

* Chong Ee & Swan with their cendol *

* Chong Ee is always the ODD one *

* concentrating & enjoying *

* Chong Ee: "WT* are u looking at?"

When Han Ming went down to da pao our popiah, we had our cam whore session in the car.. as usual.. All sorts of stupid pictures taken! Once Han Ming got our popiah, we headed to another stop we all craved for.. Prawn Wan Ton, here we come! Juicy, crispy and yummy prawn wanton which cost Rm0.80 per piece.. Pricey! But, definitely worth it..

* camwhore without Han Ming *

* green monster + red strawberry *

* cutie swannie *

* me me me *

* scarie FACE *

While we were having our popiah, lotsa nonsense were discussed among the guys.. Well.. Guys~ So happened the newspaper used to wrap our popiah matched perfectly to their topic! Chong Ee got so excited! Enough of stories.. Let's move on to our next stop - HOME! It's time to go home to clean the house while it's still early!

* enormous popiahs *

* newspaper article *

It took us quite a while to clean the masterbed room and de toilet because it's really dirty. We played cards after that. In the midst of our cards session, peng sang & han ming had their own ENTERTAINMENT for a while. Interprete yourself based on these pictures..

Chong Ee came back to us around 7pm and off we go to Sg. Duyung for seafood! Yummy, cheap and filling.. Very worth it. After that, we went for satay celup at Capitol Satay Celup, a well known shop in Bukit Cina. We waited for half an hour before we even get our table! I didn't intent to eat in the first place because I was too full! But the prawns are so tempting.. Ended up with 5 sticks and it costs me only Rm3.50!

OK! Enough of eating, it's time to head home for a DECENT shower! I need to rush to complete my presentation slides for my grandma's birthday the next day. There goes our day! The next morning, we had nasi lemak, cendol, laksa and baba laksa at Jason's at Jonker. Then, bye bye to them as they need to travel back to KL while I stayed back.. Ok! That's all for this trip! Drop by facebook for more pictures!

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