Rainy Day

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another season of rain.. Never really like it unless my loved ones are with me because I won't feel lonely! What do you guys think bout a rainy day? What will be your impression towards it? Oh well.. This evening, I experienced it myself.

* before it rains *
* heavy shower *
* all wet *

After work, dad called up asking me to wait at the bus stop before the rain starts to shower. So, this good girl listens to her daddy and waited at the bus stop right after work! The sky gets darker and darker will it started to drizzle. That moment, memories flashed pass my mind..

I used to have a very good friend back in my schooling days! We hardly talk when we meet but we chat a lot online. Partly we seldom meet as we were from different schools. There was one rainy afternoon, when I received a message from her saying,"Do you need my mum to give you a ride home? I know your tuition just ended.. We can come over to accompany you till your dad picks you!" It was so warm to hear that from a friend on a cold rainy day. However, that day my dad came early.

Ever wondered why the word "used" is being used here? This friend and I no longer talk anymore. It has been quite sometime since things changed. I don't mind her having best friends but I'm sad and disappointed when she barely reply my mails/smses. I felt that she seemed to be avoiding me but I just don't know what's the reason behind it after all these years.

* reflection *

Anyway, I would like to dedicate this song to my friend Xiao Qi. I will always keep you in my prayer although I don't know how have you been all these years! =) May God guide you wherever you go!

Well, back to my story at the bus stop.. More and more people rushed towards the bus stop as the rain got heavier. My lower part of my body were practically wet due to the heavy rain. Thanks to this aunty who offered me few sheets of newspaper to cover myself, I didn't get wet too much.

* droplets *
* jam jam jam *
* loneliness *
* gloomy moody day *

All in all, I thank God for protecting my dad while he were on the way to pick me up from work. Thanks a lot!


Totally CoUZ..

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry guys for not updating.. "YES! WENLY, IM UPDATING!" That's for my 傻婆.. Anyway, i had a superb weekend last week! Let me briefly update you on my activities since most of the pictures have been uploaded on facebook!

Friday after work..
Alvin & my bro picked me up from work and we headed to Alex's condo for badminton. WenLy was there already when we reached. After changing, we started playing! It was so much fun with all of them.

* my 傻婆 & i *

After that, we headed to mamak for dinner and next we went to Pastor Lindy's place for Dodgeball! Half way through, we were stopped by the management saying that we were too noisy! Hence, Dodgeball session postponed and we all went for mamak session.

* us having our meal b4 war *

* strategy planning with one outsider *
* ready 4 war *
* LOOOONG table *

Saturday early in the morning..
Mum woke me up so EARLY for breakfast! Then, i fetch bro to Alvin's house to go NSt with Aaron. After that, I headed to BBQ Plaza at One U to meet up with Clara, Siew Kwan and Jon! It was really good to meet up with them although I was regarded as the "88" bcz im the youngest there!

Evening we went for church service. Sermon was great! Her sermon really amazing! After dinner we went home!

7.15am on Sunday morning..
Early in the morning, I got up to fetch bro for futsal. Then, mum asked me to fetch her to office to check the alarm. Next, we went for breakfast. When we reached home, it's almost time to go church. Initially I thought after dropping bro I can still come home for a nap..

After church, we headed to Penang Village for lunch. There were 14 of us if Im not wrong. Lunch was nice as my Char Siew Pau sis was there too! Had some camwhore session before they rushed off for Dan's baptism.

* menu ** she and her frenz *
* tomyam *
* done with lunch *
* the pau sisters *
* eli - the great parker *

As the rest left for Dan's baptism, Clarice, Alex, Elisha, Ian, Andrew and I went to One U for movie. There goes my weekend! Fruitful ya? =) More updates will be up soon!


My Life after CoUZ camp..

>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life was superb after camp! Usually it's a norm for youth to be very hyped up after camps.. This applies to us too! As you can see, we, The SanDisk-ers were so happening.. 168 comments on Yee San's (Memorax group mate) photo..

* go SanDisk!! *

We've planned for our next celebration of our victory too! We won 3rd place in camp and there we got ourselves some free vouchers! *excited* This coming Sunday is the day we're meeting up!!

* TGV voucher *
* Coffee Bean voucher *

Besides, I've attended cell meeting last Friday! Few of the campers actually persuaded us to go for Glow United and thank God we went! It was fun and I've learnt a lot that night! Guess what?!! We are having Dodgeball night this coming friday! I'm so looking forward to this.. I guess this is my new chapter in life!


Capacity.. Expanding Your Limits!

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

People! I'm back from Malacca.. AGAIN! Haha! CoUZ camp was awesome! The place, the food, the people & most importantly the message was great! I'm back to report to you CoUZ Camp 2009 that was held in El-Sanctuary, Malacca.

* got it from joshua's album *

On friday afternoon, campers were required to gather at SIB, 4th floor before we depart. Initially I was quite worried but not anymore when I saw familiar faces. We were asked to go to our own groups to familiarize ourselves and create our cheers!

Around 3pm, we departed from church. Siew Kwan and I talked non stop till we reached Malacca. We didn't even notice we chat for that long. Anyway, we gathered at the hall when we arrived. After some ice-breakers, we were allowed to go back to our rooms to settle down.

* dorm 2's entrance *

There were some amazing experiences throughout that hour in our dorm! I bet JoLin had an unforgettable one having to face the lil' Mickey under her blanket. The whole dorm filled with high pitch shouting and screaming, definitely amusing!

Next, we had our very first meal at El-Sanctuary. There is no doubt that the food was amazing! That night, we were brought out for a "walk" in the jungle. We were required to bring our torchlights along and all of us were given a bowl of water and 2 of the members of the team were given an egg too! The journey wasn't as easy as expected.

* our 1st meal *

**fast forward** Sandisk, being the champion for most of the games that night made us the leading team on the 1st first day! Every one was allowed to go back to our rooms after supper!

* us after supper *

"Bing Bing.. BOng BOng.." Few of us were awake when some of them woke up for morning prayer at 7am. It was quite noisy and the bed was shaky when there is movement in the dorm. Day started with morning devotion. There, we discussed bout how we were being stretched by God! Interesting and inspiring morning session we had! *great*

After breakfast, we went back to the hall for our first session. Ps. Victor really amazed me with his transparency in his session. I learn a lot from every session. I really wana thank God for being me to this camp, to be able to hear His words.

* with my toast *

In every session, we were taught about our capacity, our limits in life. He shared with us story about King Saul and King David, how similar they were at first and how indifferent they were in the end.

"No matter what mistakes you've done, just confess before the Lord. Ask for forgiveness and you shall be forgiven. Our father is a loving father, He will not give up on us unless we give up on ourselves."

The rest of the day was games and more games! Violence, challenging and dirty! *eewww* We had war game at the field. We had to protect our tower while there were marshalls going around catching people. Pheww! A tough one!

After showering, we came down for dinner. Time flies, we were left with another half day and we have to go home! *sad* When we started to know each other better, getting closer to each other, we know we are coming to an end.

The end of the camp is not the end of everything because it's the beginning of a friendship, for those who just met.. It's the beginning for those who just renew their faith, to continue to meditate on His word.. It's the beginning of a whole new life!

Although Sandisk didn't make it as the champion, I'll still love my team, my team mates and our team cheer! In this camp, I met Wen-Ly, a very sweet girl who I hang out most during camp. Many mistaken that we came together from Calvary but the fact is we just met. It's so wonderful that God arranged our meeting in camp. I thank God for this and I will cherish this friendship!

Besides, I was glad because I was nominated for the Best Female Camper Award. I'm not sad I didn't win but I'm glad God made me something out of this camp. I wasn't among the old members of SIB, I didn't expect to get nominated. God just came and told me that it's the inside that got you nominated! God trains us in solitude, you will never know what He has for you next! Congratulations, Shealin for getting the Best Female Camper Award!

I have no regret attending this camp!

A camp filled with fun and joy!

CoUZ rocks!

Goooo! Sandisk!

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