Alone Doesn't mean Lonely

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey guys! Guess where am I now? I'm in genting.. Having my cup of warm caramel macchiato and a chicken sausage toll! Awesome! Enjoying the breeze while "online-ng"..

* yummy *
* warmer *
* caramel macchiato *

It's not too bad afterall sitting here all alone while my parents went on their date to "i-dont-know-where"..


My 宝贝Turns 20

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In a few hours time, she's turning 20. Age hit 20 but i bet she'll always be a lil girl to me. I first met her back on the 31st July 2009 during CoUZ camp. It was not by coincidence we were grouped together; it was not by coincidence we were dorm mates.
 * outside our dorm *
* after camp *

I was glad God sent her to me and we clicked perfectly well till some even thought we were best friends for one long period already. The fact is we just met.. in camp! I love you so much and I hope our "ding dong"-ship will continue to grow and we will be there for each other all the time.

* sports *
* crazee us *
* couzmazing race *
* red *
* cell harvest *

This is my first year celebrating your birthday with you and I do hope there'll be more in years to come. I hope you enjoy the surprise we have planned tonight! Love you and will always do.


Happy Birthday!

You're 20 this year. Stop torturing small animals yah! *winks*

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