Not Great At All

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just hate myself!

Hate ME ME ME ME ME so much! *grr*

I tend to regret later after doing something!

Why can't I prevent it from happening instead?

Having a bad day that's all I know!


That's all for today! BYE~


Lab Turns Unlucky

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

Arrgh! First day of lab and things went on not so smoothly! As I was told, Fluidised Bed Dryer lab is one of the longest lab. So, I went earlier, I brought extra pair of scissors & I prepared the measurements cardboard to ease our cutting process! I did all the preparations I can. However..

* Fluidised Bed Dryer *

My lab partners, one came late & the other didn't even turn up at all! I was quite frustrated at first as me alone is doing the plucking of leaves and the cutting. Later on, it went on better with the help of PENG SANG! *clap clap*
Note that he was wearing slippers and shorts with a lab coat! So CUTE! Haha!

* Samples & Manual *
* Peng Sang and his sexy legs *
* the scissors of the day *

That wasn't all. The lab assistant told us to throw the leaves away after drying. Thank goodness I didn't because we are suppose to weigh the bone dry weight of the samples! *gosh* It was like, "Pheww~" Next, I had to clean our scissors as I borrowed a pair from Swan! Cleaning, cleaning and then.. "Ouucch! OMG!" Well, I beet you guys know what happened! *bleeding*

* moisture analyzer to weigh bone dry weight*
* after the drying process *
* plaster by lab assistant *
* still bleeding.. *

We ended quite late though! Then, we headed to Bak Kut Teh for dinner as requested by Chong Ee! When we arrived, it was CLOSED! Oh gosh! How bad luck can it be? Ended up eating something else.. *sad*

There goes my day!



>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is a video about a guy dating 3 girls at a same time & when 3 of them finds out, this is it!

The moral of the story is:

Do not date too many at a time!

One is more than enough! *winks*

Be loyal to your loved ones! Enjoy!


海角七號, Cape No. 7

A Taiwanese romance movie with slight comedy essence! Suitable for most of you out there! Very nice, very meaningful.. Letting us know that to achieve something, you have to work hard for it! Featuring Fan Yi Chen.. *yeng* Worth watching! The songs in this movie is great! *thumbs up* A rating of 8/10 given to this art piece! Enjoy!

* uncle Mao's time at the band jamming session *
* after THE night *
* lovely couple *
* group picture of the band *

Cape No. 7 Soundtrack:


Jacky Cheung

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Would just like to introduce a few songs that I came across today!

Wanna share with you.. Not new songs though! =) Enjoy!


Chocolatey Moments

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

After a week of sales at SA, we finally agreed to pamper ourselves! Hence, we went to Tesco to get some ingredients for our fondue session at home! *excited* It wasn't that much of choice because we were late! Therefore, we only mange to get marshmallows!

* our chocolate *
* apples *
* colourful marshmallows *

Here it is! Our very own way of having fondue. *grin* Besides, we had BBQ marshmallows too! Guess where we had it? On my mum's induction cooker itself! OMG! It was fun~ It wasn't the food but the people, the company we had that night!

* Swan preparing the chocolate *
* Eugene & I with our apple *
* cousins *
* Eugene & Steph *
* the 3 of us *
* BBQ in progress *
* me & my stick of BBQ marshmallow *


Valentine's Week Sales

Valentine's Day just passed and I'm sure most of the clubs and societies in schools and uni(s) had something on for Valentine's! We, from ChESS (Chem Eng Student Society) had our very own Valentine's Week Sales too! Basically, we bake & decorate our own cupcakes, sell our very own cookies & had chocolate marshmallows!

The sales was good! It could be better if our "dear" SOCIETY OFFICER can send out our email earlier! NO one was told bout our sales because of his super late email! *grr*

* Wina & Swan crushing the biscuits *
* Applying the melted chocolate on the compressed layer *
* Me sieving the flour *
* Wina & Swan *
* Ready to pour into the paper cups *
* some utensils used that night *
* Packing the cookies *
* Baking in progress *

* 2 lovely ladies at the booth *
* Those who were at the booth on Day 1 *
* Satisfied customers ** Playing with the baking chocolate *
*Eugene & the chocolate *
* Honoured guest on Day 2 *
* Day 2 - Silvi, Clara, Swan & Steph *
* our homemade cookies *
* foamy whipped cream *
* cupcakes without whipped cream *

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY! No matter you have a date or not, there's always someone who love u very very much, your family! Express your love to them before it's too late!


Chinese New Year (Day 3 - Day 15)

After a very very long time, I'm back with "some" updates! Sorry guys.. I have been very lazy to blog. *lazy* OK.. let's start the story!

Day 3
Quite a LOOOOOOONG day for me! Took train to mum's office in the morning because we suppose to have lunch at mum's godpa's shop! At night, we went Chung Siew's aunty's house. Food, mahjong, Black Jack, camwhore, alcohol etc. etc.

* homemade min sin *
* boredom - waiting for time to pass *
* Weng, the bartender ** friendly Mahjong session *
* me in my camwhore world *
* super yummy siew yuk *
* The guys: Sang, Siew, FC, Gab, Weng, Jeff & Loong *
* Dr. Foo & Steph *
* Gab, "Ralph Lauren" & Steph *
* 2nd round of makan makan + lou sang *
* busy people *
* Us without the host *
* Group pic with the leng lui "ku che" & CS's mum *

Day 6

It's a day at 2-ku's place! As usual, all of us will gather there for reunion, lion dance, basketball session for the guys and lastly dinner at night! But this year, we went to mum's customer's factory for lunch! It's like open hous lar.. Even the politicians are invited! *woo* As usual, it started an hour later bcz the BIG people were fashionably LATE~!

* my ever yeng but lansi bro *
* the MALE division *
* sweet sweet mum & her sweet sweet daughter *

* Lion dance *
* the last thing to do before the show ends *
* tada! surprise! *
* eldest cousin in the family *
* mr. c+ and his choc name tag *
* You have to try this *
* cousins corner *
* Steph & Gwen *
* my cute lil shean *
* Yee Sang: Always look nice, never taste good *
* Fung & Swan *
* Fung & Steph *

Day 12
It's Aaron's Bday "today"! We went to Uncle Kuan Yew's place and together we went to Tai Thong to have dinner. After that, we went to Secret Recipe to get him a cake! The spotlight of the night was the homemade Yee Sang by aunty. My first time encounter with such yummy Yee Sang! Check it out!

* Gab, Chris, Steph & Ron *
* Aunty Margaret, Uncle Kuan Yew, dad & mum *
* yummilicious yee sang: Look not so colourful but taste very colourful =) *
* a cake for him *
* never ending cake blowing by Aaron *
* timer taken picture *
* Let's Lou Sang *
* busy eatin - we cleared the plate! * yumz *

Day 13
Went out with mum, darling, Shen Koko and Fung CheChe to One U! It's like another day of makan makan makan AGAIN! Sushi Zanmai, Gelato Frutti, Starbucks and lastly steamboat! It's so much fun to hang out with them.

* sashimi *
* roll roll roll *
* yummy steamboat : the one I reckon in my previous post *
* delicious, tempting, yummy *
* mum enjoyin her noodles *
* steamboat.. steamboat n more steamboat *
* sauces *
* done with my meal *
* Super yummy I said just now: RT Cake House, SS15 *

Day 14
Went to church in the morning! Dr. Rev Paul Kok was damn good! He was invited to be our guest speaker that day. It was a very interesting sermon! Later in the afternoon, we went to Aunty Joyce's house in Taman Desa. Along the way, Swan's dad brought us to a forest-like koi pond. As you guys are aware he's a fish lover! After that, we headed to Aunty Joyce's place. It's a super nice place but I think it's way too expensive! *ouch* Have a look! (More pictures will be uploaded later on because it's with Nini)

* bro posing at the pond.. with my rootote bag *
* Dad walking around the "forest" *
* koi *
* me & mother nature *
* the apartment *
* security doing their job *
* Singapore Laksa by Aunty Joyce *
* Nice view: 2 bikini girls + a puppy *
* Having a walk near the pool ** evening walk *
* Nini missing her chilhood *
* Nicole & her blue blue sky *

* Chris the monkey *
* Night view: ground floor *

Day 15 a.k.a Chap Goh Mei
Fung Fung Che Che got an offer in Singapore and she'll be leaving soon! Mum invited them over to our place for steamboat as a way of farewell for her. Too bad I was very busy that day so I didn't manage to get many pictures! *sad*

* yummy steamboat *
* busy inserting the ones they like *
* the younger ones *
* rushing to grab more balls *
* glad u people enjoyed *

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