Deepavalish Fellowship

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sorry guys for not posting for so long! Due to the laziness and the fact that I'm sick, I haven't updated much. Some of you might have saw the photos of my deepavali this year some of you might have not. Anyway, I was invited to Thebban's house for muruku! *evil grin*

* irresistible *
* buffet style *

It has been 3 years and 8 months since I knew Thebban and without fail he'll invite us to his house for party during Deepavali! To have fellowship, makan session and camwhoring session at such a nice place is really undeniably GREAT! Need not speak much anymore. Have a look of some of the pictures we had!

* thebban & darrick *
* the girls *
* pretty ladies *
* group picture *
* me with the guys *
* eu-ling & stef *
* O.M.G *
* May babies *
* the hosts *

Glad to meet Pravin over there as well! It has been a long time since we last met, bro! Thanks Thebban for inviting yah! =)


Undesirable Connection

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a speed?

Test yours today and let me know your speed!


Noob Encounter at the Clinic

As some of you are aware I'm super sick right now.. Literally SUPER sick! Wonder why am I awake? When you are sick, you have to drink a lot of water. When you drink a lot of water, you have to go toilet. Hence, I'm here after a short toilet break!

My case turned worst this morning around 11am. It started of with just coughing and sore throat. Later on, Mr. Flu came by to pay me a visit as well! Gosh! It felt horrible. After 3 hours after torture, I decided to go home to rest so that I will recover faster. **fast forward : After 5 hours of sleep**

After dinner, Swan dropped me and Eugene at the clinic. The weren't many people. Only one more patient to my turn. But it took about 30 mins before I could MEET the doctor. So here you go! My conversation with THE doctor!

Doc: Hi. (Paused for a moment.) Yes?
Me: Hi doctor. I'm having flu, cough, sore throat and a lil wheezing.
Doc: Do you have asthma before? (Flipping through my card.)

Wondering why he asked when he is looking through my card! Aren't he reading through my history? Don't he understand?

Me: Oh ya.. I have asthma since young.

He took his "not-so-bright" torch.

Doc: Let me check your throat. Say "ahhhh!" You got sore throat? Hrm.. No?

I thought he said he is checking? How come asking me?

Me: Yes, I'm having sore throat.
Doc: Oh ok. (With a very blur face) Yah, sore throat. Come, let me check your lungs.

It took quite a while. But he didn't comment anything after checking.

Doc: Ok. I will give you medication on cough, phlegm and sore throat. All medicine will be in pill form.
Me: What bout my flu?
Doc: Oh ya. Flu.

Getting frustrated with his consultation.

Me: You will be giving two flu pills right?

He gave me a STONE face!

Me: Day and night pills.
Doc: (Remained stoning.) Err. Yah. Flu pills.
Me: Is that all? I can go now?
Doc: Ya.

Once I'm out, i told Swan, Eugene & Chong Ee the whole story. I was wondering is he even a qualified doctor. Gosh! Time to get my medicine. Enjoy the amusing conversation.

Nurse: (Pointing at medicine 1.) This is cough, 3 times a day.
Me: (Nodded)
Nurse: (Pointing at medicine 2.) This is cough, night only.
Me: (Nodded)
Nurse: (Pointing at medicine 3.) This is cough plus phlegm.
Me: (What!! Cough again? Still I acknowledged.)
Nurse: (Pointing at medicine 4.) This is cough, twice a day.

Without further hesitation..

Me: What? Why so many cough? What bout flu?
Nurse: (Circled at medicine 4.) Oh! This can be flu medicine as well.

Was shocked and I continue asking.

Me: Har? Then, sore throat?
Nurse: Hrm.. This one sore throat also can.

That worries me.. ALOT! How can this be? And what happened to my day and night flu pills?

Me: You don't have the pills that is used to sucked for sore throat?
Nurse: Oh.. We have! You want?

* they don't even write my full name *

Gosh! Now you know how "professional" are these people! I called my mom and told her the whole story. She is so worried. Wondering will I recover with those medication. Sigh!


It's OK to be a Poser

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey guys! Feeling stress lately? Busy with assignments? Exams? Have a 15 minutes break! Check this out! I bet this will cheer you up! Learn to smile, learn to pose! Have fun!

Credits to Joel who shared this with me weeks back!


Eating Disorder Causes Weight Gain

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Officially another Kay-Gee (Kg=kilogram)! People said there are many ways to de-stress; One of them is to EAT! I have been eating disorderly. How disorder? Any way you can think of! Let me share with you a lil on the disorders I have:

I don't eat at time I'm supposed to?

I have to eat AGAIN an hour after my meal?

Eating extremely sweet stuff?

Eating non-stop is the worst!

Eating like 3 bowls of rice?

Aiyoyo.. I just love eating! What can I do lar? =(


Photo Shooting in Uni

>> Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have been studying in University of Nottingham for 3 and a half years and finally I'm in my final year now. Thinking of it actually scares me as I didn't expect this to happen so soon! Time flies~ Oh well, I went jogging with my friends on tuesday and I thought it would be nice if I snap some shots of my uni before I leave. Here you go!

* my house *
* TTS 2/4A *

I have been staying in that house since year ONE. Quite a nice landlord I have! Besides, I'm glad that I have my housemates, they rock! Memories in that house will never be forgotten! *contented *

* random by Peng Sang *
* Block A *
* my uni *
* Cy with his new toy *
* by the lake *
* nottingham stars : ducks *
* lake view *
* clock tower *
* Jen jogging by the lake *
* cafeteria *
* duo *
* swan playing with D40 *
* problematic face *

* my lovely cousin *
* addicted *

After our jogging session, we decided to head to sports complex to meet Chong Ee! Alone the way, we have some shots as well!

* owner of D40 *
* shahen : class rep *
* never fail to make us laugh *
* dong : camera-shy *
* the stun man *
* #1 poser of Chem Eng *

That's all for now! Will try to have more shots of other buildings soon.. if I have the time to! Hope you enjoy the photos! See ya!


Day Trip to Genting

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have been enjoying the breeze all the way up in Genting on Sunday! For those who wondered why I went up to Genting, I shall tell you it's because of Air Supply's Concert!

**fast forward** We parked our car around 3.40pm at First World Hotel and we were separated because the boys would like to go for their "strobing" session! "Strobing", originated from the word strob simply means a spot of higher than normal intensity in the sweep of an indicator, as on a radar screen, used as a reference mark for determining distance.

The moment we got down from the car, we were almost blown away because the wind was so strong! *shivers* But, that didn't stop us from going outdoor for shooting! We all went crazy jumping up and down for multiple shots! It was simply awesome.. *thumbs up*

* curiosity *
* multiple buttons *
* simply posing *
* uncle & chris *
* first world hotel lobby *
*random statue *
* al *
* steph *
* artificial landscaping *
* caught in action *
* windy *
* outside Highland Hotel *
* chris *
* Genting *
* stairway to heaven *
* cute *
* the boys *
* the 3 of us *
* siblings *
* hugz *
* with the flowers *
* simply =) *
* the kick *
* mr. poser *

* . . . *
* al, chris & aaron *
* me me *
* ron *

After strobing for a while, we went for dinner around 6pm. Then, we headed to Arena of Stars to get our tickets for entrance! People started gathering outside the stadium and soon it became super packed!

* waiting for food *
* dinner *
* theme park *
* my family *
* entrance *
* concert ticket *
* al's family *
* super crowded *

The show got delayed only finally started around 8.30pm! The show was started by a local guest artist. His singing was not too bad though! I must say that when Air Supply came out, the crowd when crazy! We might think that Air Supply is old, but still they are ATTRACTIVE!

* before the show *
* lights off *
* there they go *
* crowd went crazy ** all out of love *
* here I am *
* awesome *
* finale *

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