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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

It was really an awesome way to kick start my holidays. Whoops! Did I just mentioned holidays? FYI, I just graduated.. FINALLY! Didn't really like it but yeah I have no choice but to accept the FACT! Anyway, I really thank God for sending so many people to persuade me to go for camp and yes, He works in many ways and finally I still went for camp!

This was my first camp I didn't personally sign up for, didn't know a single detail of it, playing for camp and lastly no time to pack before camp! How cool it is! **fast forward** The DEPARTURE! My group has only 3 members who departs at 130pm. It was not too bad because we had wenly the story teller to keep us company till we reached Bkt Tinggi! (She'll kill me if she reads this!)

* bags and parcels *
* glowers *
* departure *
* arrival *
* Grace Hill Lodge *

* up the hill *

* tees *

As for camp, I think I shall highlight what happened each day rather than going in detail!

The place we stayed were much better compared to the one last year! It's much cleaner and nearer to the hall! Haha! Another plus was the POOL! I bet everyone enjoyed much in the pool and the jumps?

* the pool *

* my bed *

* verandah *

* cafeteria *

* dorm *

The food was of course not as cun as last year's! Those who went last year should be able to justify this statement. Anyway, I find it damn interesting when we have to win CoUZ dollars to buy our food on the 2nd night. Some might think it's messy or troublesome but I personally find it FUN!

* steamboat *

* sunburst *

* starlight *

Firstly, I would like to thank the committee for organizing the camp! All activities were fun! Although most were torturing, I still enjoyed! I was sharing with my friends yesterday and she was like, "Why do christian camps turn out to be the most torturing camp?" We all burst out into laughter!

* the penghulu *
* 2 on 1 *
* torturing *
* kena kao kao *
* before war *

Another thing I like is the simulations we had. The one on the ship and the Life Game because I think we actually get to experience and see from another point of view of what is really happening in the world. It's really good that we all get to share about our views apart from having fun!

* the bank *
* lesson #1 *
* lesson #2 *
* lesson #3 *

Anyway, I personally think the best part is how we bonded during the activities.. And most importantly our encounter with God. All of us know very clearly that He was there throughout the whole camp. Many lives were touched some even were saved! AMEN! Truly amazing..

* prayers are powerful weapon *
* testimonies *

I'm really amazed with how God worked in my life especially at my lowest time. I know He's always there for me and He knows me very well. He spoke to me and hit every single pain in me during the sessions. Every morning's devotion passages hit me real hard and really makes me thank Him for being there. I thank those who were there for me when I needed them. Thanks for all the prayers. Thanks wenly for being there to push me for prayer on the last day! Indeed, we always need one another to sharpen and remind each other of our actions! Here, I challenged each of you to start your baby step to make a change in your life. Be it washing the dishes after meal for your mum or starting to share with your friends about the good news, do something extra today!

* faces *
* my group : Shooting Star *
* group pic *

What really matters to you?

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