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Hey guys! As u guys noticed, I haven't been blogging for quite some time. Many many things had happened for the past 1 and a half month! Bitter, sour, sweet & spicy! I have it all in these 2 months! Since my semester started, I hardly have the mood the blog. Wonder why~ Lazy? Maybe..

OK.. Let's begin with my uni life.. Most of the things changed except the fact that we're still stayin in the same old house in TTS 2/4A. Eu Ling, Yi Yang and Gab no longer hang out with us as Eu Ling & Yang went to UK for the mobility program while Gab has moved on to the next point in life. Hmm.. Life was healthy when this semester started as we hardly had any late nites supper or activities.. (haha.. that was in the BEGINNING of the semester..)

New friends, new people, new activities start to enter my life as day passed by. Peng Sang, Han Ming and Gavin are 3 new people me and my gang are close to now.. They are 3 funny, smart, crazee people to hang out with! So far, we had lotsa entertainment together! We've experienced alot.. TOO! Karaoke for 8 hours, one full day of sports, bowling, Steamoyaki and many more!

Besides, me and my team from ChESS (Chemical Engineering Student Society) had organised a Masquerade Party on the 29th of Oct 2008 to welcome the year 1 students. It was rather SUCCESSFUL as the responce of the event was overwhelming! I would like to thank my team for working so hard for this event! Although we encountered several problems, I'm glad we manage to solve them! Thanks again! Here are some photos.. For more, do check out my facebook album ya!

From Top, Right to Left: Eugene, Me, Swan & Kon

Future Chem Engerz! Year 2 Chem Eng!

Mamak Session after the party!

More more more events.. After an event from the educational side, we should have something from the Sports club. The basketball club orgarnised a 3 on 3 basketball tournament! Things could have donoe better if the EHHEM could worked faster.. I wouldn't wana disclose the name of that person here to avoid any unwanted troubles! The first day of the event was quite interesting! Everything went on well.. I personally support Kon's team!! = ) The 2nd day was quite disappointing though! What to do? Sigh.. Rainy season.. We manage to play on thursday around 9.30pm! Yea.. late, but at least we manage to finish the match! And the Champion team goes to *drum roll* THE 3 MUSKETEERS - Kon's team! *clap clap* Too bad i dun have a picture of them..

Next, it shall be our very own 8 hours of karaoke session at Green Box Cheras Selatan! It wasn't our plan to sing for that long though! Initially, our plan was to sing for 3 hours only.. We booked our room online for that day at 6pm bcz we thought we will entitle the student price.. Unfortunately when we arrived, they said no student price after 4pm.. We were so upset and disappointed! In the end decided to sing for RM28++ inclusive of buffet! Since we're paying so much, we decided to sing till it close! It was only a THOUGHT at first.. But.. It turns out to be REALITY! OMG.. We entered at 5.55pm and left at 1.55pm! We all enjoyed our nite!

Wina, Swan, Eugene, Han Ming, Peng Sang & Gavin!

Ouuch! Head kena squeezed!

My very blur lab partner - Han Ming!

Very obvious emo couple!

*cute cute emo people*

On top of karaoke, we had our very own steamoyaki at my house! What's STEAMOYAKI? Let me define this word with an "equation"..

Steamoyaki = Steamboat + Teppanyaki

Haha.. We had lotsa food that nite.. Thanks to those who turned up for that gathering.. After food, we had some booze to add some spice to the party! We had some drinking games, then Healthy Black Jack where our bets are push ups and sit ups instead of money.. And the day ended with Mahjong! Haha~ I think I shall include the highlights of the nite!

1 - Poor thing, Han Ming's tummy wasnt well that night! He didn't join us after the first game!
2 - Gab did 80 push ups!
3 - Eugene got slightly tipsy! Haha~ He opened all the bottles when we haven't even finish the 1st bottle.. He even spilt de water and coke cup! Haha!
4 - Me and Swan have to raise our hands up like dumbo @#$&!

I think that's all ba.. I hope u guys enjoyed the nite as well!

Food list of the nite!

Enjoying the dinner!

Han Ming posing! Syok sendiri!

Before de drinkin begin..

Punishment! All hands up!

Happy 8 friends!

The most recent event is my dear MUMMY's bday lunch at Chilis, One U! It was rather filling! Yummy~ The food was great! It's relatively CHEAP for such portion and at such a place! It was a memorable lunch! On that night itself, mum's colleague came over for makan-makan session! As usual, they gambled! Very funny people they are! The next day, my aunties came over for Mahjong! Surprisingly, they came together with a cake! Tiramisu cake! My favourite! *happy*

Lovey dovey papa & mummy!

Yummy yummy food!

Happy family!

After so many happy moments, I shall move on to the emo part of my life.. My darling Bubuu is GONE! Somebody cat-napped her! She was gone on the 10th of October.. I only receive the news few days later.. I was in uni and my parents didnt inform me bout that bcz they're afraid that I'll be very sad.. Indeed, I was deeply hurt! Bubuu was, is and will be forever part of my life.. When this happened, I was totally down.. Everyday praying, hoping that miracle will happen.. Everyday hope suddenly I will hear her bell again.. All this didn't come true even till today! I still miss her alot!

I miss her meow, I miss her licking my fingers, I miss playin hide n seek with her, miss playin catching with her.. Miss every single moment I had with her since the day I had her! Even that day in mamak when Han Ming mentioned how his fren tortured the cat with chili sauce, the first thing which came across my mind is Bubuu.. Im afraid this will happen to her! Tears rolled down my cheek that day! My heart sore! The pain is definitely undescribable.. I just hope that no matter where is she or who is she with now, she is happy! That's all I can do.. Wish her Good luck in life out there! "Bubuu~ I miss u! Please come home.. I'm waiting for u!"

Sigh~ I think I shall jz stop here for now! It's way too long for one post! Too much to write.. Maybe I'll update another soon! Thanks for viewing my blog! I will be back for more..

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