Merdeka Eve "Celebration"..

>> Sunday, August 31, 2008

Im back again with brief words on MY Merderka Eve "Celebration". Note that: It's written as "CELEBRATION" because it's not so much of celebration actually. Woke up quite early yesterday because I didn't sleep well. Well, I woke my parents up as the Indon worker is already waiting outside our house.

Oh ya! For your information, my mum decided to extend the side of the house so that we can place a set of garden chairs there. That was her plan. Dad didn't really like that idea because it will dirty the house again. It's AGAIN because we just had the house painted and finally cleaned and now another project is being carried out. Oh well, it has been decided and my parents went out to get the materials needed together with the man. **fast forward** All of the materials was sent to my house around 2pm but work couldn't be done because it started raining.

Sigh, it's a Saturday and we're all at home doing nothing. I was watching drama as my mum and bro was busy with facebook - Mesmo TV. Around 5.40pm, mum said we're goin out for dinner! A Merdeka Eve Dinner at One U is not a bad idea after all. After getting ready, we left house! Lately, dad is so obsessed with fish that he requested to dine at Fish & Co. As usual we waited for quite a while for the dishes to arrive. To our surprise, all of us were so full that we cant even finish our portion. *wonder why*

Then, we walked around the mall. There are few events going on at the mall like Mid-Autumn Fest & the IT & Gadget Fair.

Then, we went to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge to have a cup of drink as we don't feel like going home yet. As usual, me and bro shared a cup of Fair Lady Mocha while my parents shared a glass of Ms Coco Frappe. I just love the aroma and the taste, it's simply AWESOME! Hope u guys try it out too! Its worth trying a mug! *2 thumbs up*At least u get to try something from Aussie here. (Info: Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is originated from Australia.) After chilling, we head back home. There goes a day!

Early in the morning today, we went to church. It was quite empty because the MYF was away for a sleepover at KL Wesley Church. Pastor's sermon was relatively short!! *keke* After church, Radiance introduce me a book - Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. She said the story is all about romance & thriller. I've heard bout it before and I will check it out later as it sounded quite interesting! I think you guys should read it too! Hmm.. Will be having dinner with my dear aunt! Looking forward to see my lil cousin!!

*What do u think it look like?*


*Some events happening in New Wing*

*Some of the drinks served in Chocolate Lounge*

*Fair Lady Mocha*

*Mr. Cartoon is drinking*

*It's me enjoyin my drink*

*Me n mum*

For more pictures, check out my facebook album! woohoo~ M gonna take nap now.. Lastly, Happy Merdeka to all of you!Will be back for more~


Buffet Dinner at TEMPTation, Renaissance Hotel

>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

"It's already 4.30pm and the train is still not here yet? How long more do we need to wait?" my bro mumbled. We're at KTM Sungai Buloh waiting to catch a train down to KL to meet my mum and her colleague, Ms. Low for dinner.. My bro is lucky enough that he seldom has the need to take train that's y he's so not used to waiting. We left house earlier because we wana avoid the crowd. Thanks to KTM which is NOT(Never On Time), we finally board the train at 4.40pm. Oh well, as we stop at each station, people jz pushed themselves in. The train is like a real life salad bowl! ahhaha! To cut the long story short, we reached Station Putra around 5.10pm. We had Oreo McFlurry, Large Fries & a small Coke at McD before going to mum's office as we were very hungry.

Around 5.35pm, we decided to catch a taxi to mum's office. Unfortunately, no taxi is willing to pick us up because of the jam.. So, we started walking. **fast forward** It's 7.05pm and we're at Renaissance Hotel, KL - the buffet!! woohoo~ The array of food makes me hungry.. There's japanese cuisine, oriental cuisine, western cuisine and of course local delicacy!

I started off with curry fish, spicy chicken, and a pita bread. The curry fish and the gravy is fantastic! Next, I had a plate of mix chop concisting beef, lamb, cod fish, salmon and a sausage. The beef wasn't that nice as the meat too hard; in the other hand, the salmon and the cod fish is undescribable.. It's so fresh and soft that u can even just suck it into ur mouth.. *yummy*

After having salty food, I headed to the chocolate fountain. There are quite a few choices there like strawberries, honey dews, papayas, apples, grapes, marshmallows and banana. I took a bread and a few sticks of fruits. The chocolate is so chocolaty and the fruits are fresh. Next, I tried the Shanghai noodle. Small in portion, great in taste! That's all I can say.

There isn't much choices at the japanese cuisine section. I grabbed a few sushi, some prawns and head back to my seat. The prawns tasted nice but not to the sushi. Sorry bout that! It's dry and tasteless. Up next it's dessert! How can we miss this part? We enjoyed the tiramisu most! I think my bro had almost 7-8 slices of that. Then, we had chocolate ice cream. My mum was so happy because that is her favourite flavour. But we are disappointed because there is only 2 flavours. Anyway, that's mainly what we had at the buffet.

Without funny happenings, this buffet is so dull! It all started when my bro asked me to join him to get some tiramisu. We passed by the bread & salad counter. I told him the bread was nice as I've tried it just now.. So he told me we should grab the butter and just eat it. I didn't think much what he said because he likes eating butter in chunks with bread. But when i look carefully, he's actually refering to blocks of cheese arranged there.. I laughed and teased him. He quickly did a coverline for that!

Besides, we had a talk on "How to take a picture?" As most of the people know, I love taking pictures and I love being taken pictures. My mum and Ms. Low couldn't stop laughin when I just pose with my food! So I decided to teach them. Indeed, we had a great time there! They were so shy when I wanted to take a picture of them. They were complaining that smiling to a camera is hard, and bla bala bla.. In the end, they got a nice shot! My mum was the funniest of all as she kept trying what I told her to when I was playin with the camera.

Right before we decided to leave, a not so famous local artist came dining with his girlfriend. It was quite funny as he was looking around checking out whether is there anyone who recognise him. Unfortunately, nobody look at him other than us. **fast forward** Mum was so happy he smiled to her.. *haha*

He was taking salad and when we try to get a picture of him, we noticed mum was beside him. Picture not taken, all 3 of us laughed! We thought mum was serious bout her wanting to have a picture with him that's y she's beside him. Mum came back laughin too! She said, "I wanted to take salad lar.. Laugh laugh laugh.. Now cannot take d loh!" ahahha!! Truth revealed, salad not taken and we left.

* View from our table *

* Me eatin chocolaty fruitz *

* My bro at the fountain *

* Variety of cakes *

Overall, the food and services are good! *2 thumbs up! For more pictures, do check out my facebook album! That's all for now.. Will be back soon!


There's something between me and my Bubuu..

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After a nite, I still can't forget what I did yesterday nite.. It all began after a drink with Eugene and Gab at McD.. We reached home at around 12.04am.. So I thought maybe I should accompany Buu a while before I go to bed.. We were running and hiding from each other, chasing each other.. It was so fun and exciting until I kicked Buu into the pond!! I really didn't expect that to happen! Gab shouted loud warning me that Buu was near my leg, asking me to be careful..

Before I could react to that, I already kicked her into the pond!! I was so scared.. I didn't know what to do.. Buu swam to the side of the pond and came out of the pond.. She was terrified, cold and shivering.. At that very moment, I was very nervous.. Things turn bad.. Bubuu was so afraid.. She was so frighten.. Her ears was flat down.. Obviously she's scared..

I felt so guilty and regret for not lookin at her while running.. Gab took a towel and wrap around her.. I thought of giving her a warm shower but so happen my heater is not functioning.. So I have to boil some water and shower her downstairs instead..Gab kept telling me that if she sleep outside alone, she might run away and may not come back as she had experienced something bad like this.. My tears started to roll down my cheek because I'm afraid that Buu will leave me..

I hug Buu tightly so she'll not feel that cold.. After showering, I gave her Tuna hoping that she'll not be so afraid anymore.. Unfortunately, she's still the same.. *Fearful* Suddenly, she ran up to my room.. We all followed.. I tried carrying her but she just jumped off my lap.. I felt so depressed.. I was thinking, "How I wish I didn't play with her.. Things might not turn out this way.." I went to bed at 5.10am after making sure she's fine..

This morning, I woke up quite early.. I went outside to look for Bubuu.. I was so happy she's still around.. I fed her her favourite biscuits.. One thing I found out then.. She dare not go near the stream anymore.. She used to drink water from the stream, but now it's the past.. I tried carrying her near the stream, she was so scared, her claws are all out.. Im really really sad that I am her nightmare.. What an owner! *sighz* All I can do now to compensate is feed her more stuff she likes and pamper her more hoping that she'll forgive me soon..


Chem Engerz Get Together

>> Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey guys! This is a special announcement to ALL Year 1 Chemical Engineering 07/08 students.. While some of you guys are still enjoying summer break, some are actually in the midst of preparing themselves for UK, the mobility program.. It's always sad to say goodbye.. Although they will be leaving for only a year, but not havin them in our midst is like something is missing.. *exaggerating* anyway, Im here telling u guys that there will be a gathering for all of u before they leave Malaysia! It's a Makan Makan Session for Year 1 Chemical Engineering Students only in Chilli's Gril & Bar.. It's the best time for u to catch up with ur frenz.. U might not be keepin in touch wif them during the break so grab this oppurtunity to update urself bout ur frenz before they leave! Do inform ur FRIENDS bout this as i dont have the contacts for everybody.. Some might jz left out!

The details are as follow:
Chilli's Grill & Bar, Mid Valley
Lot G(E)011B-013, Ground Floor
Date: 12th September 2008
Time: Noon (Exact time to confim)

Dear friends, do confirm with me or Maria Stephanie by 5th Sept 2008 as we need to make necessary arrangements! Chilli's at Mid Valley is always full house! So we need to book the place so that we don't have to waste too much time waiting to be seated! Leave a comment to confirm ur seats..

Example of confirmation:
Name: Stephanie Yap
Hp: 012-xxxxxxx
Msn or Email:
*This is so that we can contact u easier..

Contact us if u need any assistant:
Stephanie -
Maria Stephanie -

Hope to hear frm u soon.. See ya!


Cute & Stylish Disney Mickey Mp3 for Sale!!

>> Friday, August 1, 2008

Everybody! I'm back~ Back with NEW stuffs! Planning to get a present for ur loved ones but have no idea what to buy? this is a perfect solution! Get this as ur present!! Get this Disney Mickey MP3 Player! surprise them today! Cute, stylish, small & handy.. Suitable to hang anyway u like!! the most important thing, it's AFFORDABLE! There are 10 colors altogether.. Why spend so much to get a squarish mp3 when u can get such a cute wan here at only RM85 for 1GB? Korea iRiver & Hong Kong OEM Units are up for grab.. Weekly Orders! Get ONE today!

iRiver units: 1 year from Korea + 1 month from local manufacturer
Hong Kong units: 1 year warranty

Dealing method: Postage (Postage fees bear by buyer)

Contact method/details: Drop me a comment or SMS me at 0126768908

iRiver / Hong Kong Disney Mickey MP3 Player:
- Mickey Mouse Design Mp3player with Disney
- Indicator LED
- Mini USB 2.0
- Volume up/down
- Next/Previous
- Fast USB 2.0 transfers

** Available in 5 colors for iRiver units: Black, Pink, White, Silver & Blue

** Available in 10 colors for Hong Kong units: Black,
Pink, White, Silver, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Grey & Gold

** All pictures are taken from actual item!!

Summer Sales Promotion!!! De more u buy, de more u save!! Now comes with Mickey necklace earfones as well! COME COME COME! Limited Time only! Grab it before it's GONE!

Get 2 units of 2GB MP3 at RM190..
Get 2 units of 4GB MP3 at RM275..

** Special offer to those who bulk order with minimum purchase of 5 pieces!!

For those who purchased 5 units of 2GB, u are entitled to get ONE unit of 1GB at RM60..
For those who purchased 10 units of 2GB, u are entitled to get ONE unit of 1GB at RM45..

*While stock last!
*Please add RM15 to each unit purchased of red and gold as dey are limted edition!

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