It was this close..

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

to an ACCIDENT..

(thank God nothing happened..)


New York Deli

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

Craving for pasta? English breakfast? Pay a visit to New York Deli the next time you visit One Utama Shopping Centre. It's located right outside Cold Storage (new wing ground floor). The ambience is nice, the food is fresh and delicious and the waiters are friendly! The price range is slightly above average if you were to compare with places like Secret Recipe or Vivo.

* view from Cold Storage *
* stylish menu *
* beverages *

My family dined there last Saturday and our bill came up to about RM97++! Reasonable for such food. We ordered a pizza, Big Breakfast and 2 fish & chips sets! Have a look at some snapshots of THE session..

* BIG breakfast *
* fish & chips *
* Hawaiian Pizza *
* eggs & mushrooms rolled in bacon *
* pig face *
* definitely enjoying *
* love that wallpaper *

Next update will be on the all new concept of Old Town Kopitiam at BU8!


Sushi King Bonanza

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sushi King RM2 Bonanza is back! This time we went to Sushi King without Eu Ling! *sob* Oh well, this time Eugene, Swan, Peng Sang & I went to Sushi King after class on Tues. The promotion period is from 13-16 April 2009 for members in West Malaysia and 20-23 April 2009 for members in East Malaysia.

It wasn't peak hour when we reached, so we only waited for a while as the Q is not that long! We were quite excited because our seats were quite strategic! *winks* However, we were quite disappointed because throughout the 40 minutes we were inside, not many yummy ones were on the belt! Thank goodness scallops, tempura(s) and unagi(s) were out!

* the not so long Q *
* where we sat *
* me me me *
* ps acting cute : failed *
* eugene attempting not to smile *
* super cool Swan *
* the cousins : 5 plates each *
* finally : scallops *


Ching Ming

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day where we go to the cemetery to pray.. or rather "paying a visit" to our ancestors at the graveyard. Although I'm a christian, but we respect our grandparents too! And so.. Yea! We enjoy this day as much as CNY because it's a day of reunion!

I have not taken too many pictures because I left my SD card in my laptop so I'm left with the internal memory only! *sob* Oh well, let's carry on. Firstly, we clean the place. Then, we scattered the "papers" on the grave. (I don't know what does that mean!) Then, my uncle distributed joss stick to all of us and we took turns to pray to my grandparents.

* cleaning & arranging the food *
* praying? *
* posing for me *

After that, it's the most environmental NOT friendly part! Open burning of more "papers"! Arrgh! Me and Swan as environmental students can't do anything but just looking at it! *sigh*

* goin down to get joss sticks *
* OPEN burning *
* almost done burning *

Next, we're done! We went back to Swan's house for BRUNCH! Fellowship a bit and then HOME!

* adults' table *
* mum helpin out *
* too hungry *


4 in 1

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday, as a UK based campus, of course we get a day off too! So, today mum went for interview in the morning. When she came back, she asked me to go facial with her! So the 1st of the 4 is FACIAL! Oh man.. Extraction that day was like.. OMeeGawd! So painful..

* first time looking at myself *
* looks so scary *

To pamper ourselves, we headed to One U just for lunch. We had pasta at Dave's Cafe for lunch. (50% discount to selected pasta on weekdays from 12m-5pm) That's like so worth it! Next, we headed to Gelatotissmo for dessert. First having ice-cream over there. Not bad but i still prefer gelatmio! *weee*

* us with the pasta(s) *
* cream carbonara with bacon and meatball *
* from the inside *
* advertisement banner *
* dark choc, choc hazel & caramel *
* indulgence *

Lastly, we had a small reunion at McD with Mun Yee, Chim Sim, Swan & Stace at night! Yea. I met them often but then like Stace & Swan hardly meet Mun Yee & Chim Sim so we decided to meet up! Girls and our conversation.. Never ending ones.. *winks* I enjoyed my night.. ALOT! *heart*

* without the cousins *
* all of us *
* 4 pretty ladies *

That's all for now.. Friday(s) are just too packed for more activities!


Colour and Length Difference

>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

On thursday, bro and I went for a haircut at DryCut. His hair was like super bushy and my fringe is getting longer. The longer it gets, the more it will part my hair at the same place and hence, flat hair even worse will cause hair loss!

So throughout my weekend, I've cut my fringe so that in 2 weeks time it will be the ideal length and "darken" my hair because it's abit light! Have a look!

* before i cut *
* after i cut, before i dye *
* after the cut and the dying process *

Oh well~ Not that nice now.. a bit sad! but be positive! in 2 weeks time, it will be just nice! wee! *ciaoz*


Talent Quest Finals

>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Music Society's annual event is back again! Talent Quest 09 is here! Bands and solo performers competing to be the best in uni. This is the best time talented people show off their skills and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Seriously, I'm kinda lazy to blog about it because I will have TOO much to write if I elaborate on each participant! So I shall only focus on my friend's band! "MBA and the Groove Syndicate & The Last Minutes" are two awesome bands that brought the crowd to an extent where everyone enjoyed the show! Jumping, hoping & screaming! *OMG*

*MBA *
* Jeremy gettin' HIGH.. real high *
* The Last Minutes *
* audience *

Lucky draw took place as well.. As usual, I just don't have the luck to win anything! Well, the closing was AWESOME! The Bus Company, a guest band that won several battles out there. Not bad! Performing during the closing was just as good as them having a mini concert!

* opening of the guest performance *
* screaming their lungs out *
* preparing for encore *
* Sam - lead singer *
* Shaun - Lead guitarist *
* look at the people *

Shall speak no more.. Have a look at some of the pictures!

* Lee won himself a rubbish bin *
* winner of the nite : MBA *
* aaron & the cousins *
* winson, sao man, shahen & the cousins *
* derick and the cousins *
* us with the champion *
* big big group picture with the Bis Company *

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