BBQ Weekend

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

On mum's annual dinner weekend, we went over to Uncle Kuan Yew's place for BBQ. It started with only the 6 of us because Aaron wasn't home. Later on, Alvin's friend called up and say they wanna join, that made 8 person but in the end, they brought one big group of friends over which made this small scale dinner party became a BBQ party.

* new BBQ set *
* cant dine without these *
* setting up the dinner table *

We started around 7.15pm with the sausages. That night, the spread of food were so wide! We have chicken sausages, taiwan sausages, roasted pork, chicken wings, prawns, fish and vege. The meal was "yummilicious", undescribable. We had BBQ on Sunday as well because my parents and Aaron missed the first BBQ session.

* yummy *
* Al, aunty Margaret & Gab *
* the MAN *
* host of the party *
* cant wait to eat 'em *
* definitely enjoying *
* ..started *

This time we had more, including Ramli burger, more taiwan sausages, and few other varieties. Have a look at some pictures! The party was great! We even have the boys jamming upstairs..

* preparing the PORK *
* gonna be done soon *
* taste way better than the ones sold outside *
* fresh live prawns *
* cherries *
* uncle cleaning happily *
* getting ready *
* jamming session *


PBB Region I, II & III Annual Dinner 2009

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finally got myself to scribble something here.. There were few reasons why I haven't been writing anything lately. Firstly, it's because there isn't any interesting happenings around me and next it's because I'm just lazy to write bout SMALL things.. This time I'm writing on an event which is not so relevant to me.

My mum's annual dinner was held on the 20th June 2009 at the Mines Convention Centre with the theme, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Oh well, my first impression when I heard that was, "What? Why is it there? So not grand.." Haha.. Till the moment I stepped into the "ballroom", I totally understand why. This year isn't like the years before where they celebrate every region on its own, they combined 3 regions together which means there were almost 3000+ guests that night! The decorations were not so grand but overall I think it was great!

About 5 days before the event, my mum called up and told me she needed my help on the props for her branch's theme dress. Wait, that isn't the end, she called up again on the same day telling me I need to learn a dance to teach them. "OMG! How can I do it in less than 24hours?" Thank goodness with the help of her friendly staff, we managed it!

On Tuesday morning, I woke up SUPER early to literally go to work with my mum. I was actually quite happy I can help my mum because I love events! *winks* Anyway, I was a lil upset I forgotten to snap some shots of the whole process of getting work done! The people I worked with that day were definitely so so nice! In short, we had fun till some interuption occured! (haha! ignore that..) They were totally awesome to learn simplified version of Para Para in just a day and brushed up to perfection in less than a week!

They might not be as good as professionals but they put in their effort to do the very best!

So, here are some photos of the night! They were uploaded to my mum's facebook though but since some of you might not know my mum, I thought it would be nice to share with you the pictures here!

* the set up of the dinner venue *
* be used to drive the Tan Sri into the ballroom *
* Ms. Ong and I before her hairdo *
* Ms. Ong during her hairdo *
* costumes *
* my props *
* noticed the broken one? *
* makeup set *
* professionals even helped him change *
* the very exclusive mask *
* the ladies *
* when they get dressed *
* group pic with Amber Chia*
* Tiong Name Branch *
* Mum, Shelly & Yen *
* dad, Ms. Low & mum *
* my stunning parents *
* dad's Pandan Jaya branch staff *
* winks *

I know none of them read my blog but I would like to say..

I'm glad they won 2nd place in theme dress award!

Congratulations guys!


It began with..

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

..a 7 days breakaway to Gold Coast, Australia! It is a family trip with 2 family close friends, Aunty Margaret and Aaron. We stayed at an apartment near Surfers Paradise. To be exact, it is opposite of Crowne Plaza Hotel. Quite a nice place, we had BBQ there and the boys had "SPA" there too!

* kitchen - where we prepare our breakfast *
* bedroom for my family *
* BBQ ingredients *
* yummy BBQ food *
* facilities *
* the chef *
* us enjoying *
* at the "SPA" *
* happy & hungry people *

As many of you have already browsed through my facebook albums, I bet you guys roughly have the idea of what I did and where I went. So I shall not waste much elaborating my whole trip! Maybe I'll just pick a few places to share with you..

I would say Gold Coast is suitable for few categories of people to visit. Why I say so? It is because Gold Coast is a small town compared to Sydney or Melbourne. Firstly, Gold Coast should be quite a nice place for surfers as it is famous for it's beach for surfing even during winter as the weather there is not too cold throughout the year! Besides, the cooling weather is so nice that you won't have it in Malaysia unless you are up at Genting~!

* sunny buy cooling - perfect! *

Secondly, it's definitely a place for family with kids below the age of 18. Movie World, Paradise Country Farm, Wet 'n' Wild Waterpark, SeaWorld and Dream World is definitely gonna excite the kids! There are lots of exciting rides, shows in the theme parks and small lil animals in Paradise Country Farm that I think most kids will love!

* entrance *
* family portrait *
* stunt driver show *
* warner bros kids show *
* cartoon characters appearance *
* expensive snacks *
* Daffy Duck *
* Scooby Doo *
* Koala bears & Kangaroo *
* small lil animals in the barn *
* us with the sheep *
* demonstration *
* us with the guy who sheers *

Thirdly, Gold Coast is also a shopping heaven for those who loves branded stuff! Not to the high end designer brands but the ones like Tommy, Polo, Lacoste, Levis, Guess and many more! They are way cheaper compared to Malaysia! Other than branded stuff, jackets, hoodies, jumpers or whatever you call it, is also cheaper compare to the ones in KL! Crocs over there is also way cheaper than the ones in KL! Harbour Town is a must visit place!

* Harbour Town *
* Mr. Poser *
* some of the shops over there *
* Reject Shop - cheap stuff *
* hungry Jack : nice and cheap fast food chain ** went with 2 luggages, back with 5 *

Lastly, if you plan to only visit somewhere once, just for the experience, I would say Gold Coast is the destination worth visiting! Places like Movie World, Paradise Country Farm and Australian Outback Spectacular are places I will only visit them once (will not happen anytime in 10-15years time)! Just to see how are things over there! Oh well, Movie World is not as big as Universal Studio, Paradise Country Farm is just a place I would like to experience sheep sheering and cow milking, and finally the Australian Outback Spectacular is one place where I listen to the history and watch the show of the outbacks! I'm satisfied with once in a lifetime experience. They are not as "WOW" as they have promoted. *overrated* For the experience, yes, you should visit!

* before the show begin *
* Chris, again the poser *
* the end *
* they ended with a self-composed song *
* lovely family portrait *

Does this conclude to you my Gold Coast trip? Haha.. Hope you guys enjoyed because I enjoyed my time there with my family! Thanks mum and dad who brought us there and bought us so many things! I'm so fortunate to have you as my parents! *heart*

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