The Year of Ox (Day 1 & Day 2)

>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey people! How is CNY so far for you? Enjoying? Food, snacks, ang paos & reunions! I'm sure all of you are having a great time! This year, for the 1st time, i came back from Malacca on the 1st day itself! *WOOHOO*

Day 1
Early in the morning, we headed to grandma's house as usual and then of we go to my granduncle's house! (It's already a routine for us to go to his house every year because he's my grandma's eldest brother.) We left that place quite early because more and more of my grandaunties and granduncles arrived there too!

* food served at granduncle's place *
* wen, lin, stef & mum *

**fast forward** Back to grandma's home to have lunch! While waiting for the lunch to be served, we had our mahjong session. It was so much fun to play with your relatives, especially with my uncle! All sorts of funny gestrures and jokes really burst us all into laughter! Then we have lunch-Ketupat with prawn sambal, lontong, coconut, curry chicken and Kakak Happy's famous Maggi Mee Goreng! *yummilicious* Left Malacca around 4pm!

* super nice lunch: prawn sambal, lontong, ketupat & curry chicken *
* me & pretty cousin *
* happy family without e julia *
* red vs green *
* uncle's family *
* cutie shean & stef *
* warm moments *
* ee ching & stef *

At night, we had dinner with dad's side's relatives! After dinner, they came over to my house to chill~ It was so happening that night. Aunties with their mahjongs, uncles having their man talk outside, cousins with cameras, FUH! It was just so warm gathering with relatives!

* chit chat session *
* swan & ufung *
* EJ & Ron with their photography talk *
* everybody seems to be enjoying *
* the handsome God Hands, EJ & his cousin sister, Stef *
* Stef & the 2 pretty ladies *
* ka che & stef *

Day 2
Woke up at 7.30am! *yawn* Went to my neighbour's house, an old lady who always help us around. Then, we went to my parents' friend's house. That old man (aka gong gong) brought us to a dim sum place in jinjang! The dim sum was so nice and most importantly CHEAP! Then, we went to another uncle's house in Desa Park City and we headed for lunch at Ah Yat Bao Yu in Avenue K!

* Ah Yat Bao Yu at Avenue K *
* display rack *

Seriously, this is my first time having lunch here and my first time eating the whole abalone all by myself! Although I'm not sure whether is that consider nice, but it's definitely a nice experience for me! There were so many dishes served until we can't fit anymore food into my tummy! No dinner at night! Have a look!

* abalone yu sang *
* suckling pig *
* scallops + mushrooms *
* shark's fin soup *
* whole shark's fin *
* Steph's abalone *
* me & my sliced abalone *
* prawn balls ** steam fish *
* lotus rice *
* almond red bean dessert + lotus paste round ball ball *

After lunch, we went back to this uncle's house. We were so entertained by Guitar Heroes III! My bro wanted to buy it for so long but because of the price, he didn't manage to get it. So this is the time we JAM!

* acting like a pro *
* bergaya *
* wow! that's ME! *


Chinese New Year Mood

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's one day before CNY now! *anxious* On Friday, Swan & I went Time Square for last minute shopping! *woohoo* I'm so satisfied because i spent less than RM150 including meal & transportation and I still manage to get 2 casual dresses, 2 tops, a shorts, a t-shirt & a sling bag! The feeling is just so indescribable!

On Saturday morning, mum woke me up and told me it's a super long day for us! *sigh* We went to my eldest auntie's house to send her some gifts for CNY. Then, we headed to Selayang Mall to get my bro a polo-tee! **fast forward** Packed and off we go back to Malacca! (Went to pay respect to my grandparents at the temple, went to aunt's house and then we continue our journey!)

* bro is sleeping so soundly *
* heavy traffic along NKVE *
* the time we arrived *

The traffic was quite heavy! *slow moving* Surprisingly I didn't sleep throughout the journey! Woke up when we were Seremban! **fast forward** Started my CNY eatin spree! CNY is all about fellowship & not to forget.. GAMBLE!

* shean shean busy "masak-masak" *
* setting up the table *
* my dear mama preparing the food for us *

For most of the families, they usually have their reunion dinner one day before CNY . For us, there's a slight difference which is we have our REUNION LUNCH instead of DINNER! We always look forward to this meal because there'll be lotsa food served! *hee* Have a look at some pictures of our reunion lunch!
* ee lin, ee ching & chris at the kids' table *
* the adults' table *
* 3 sisters *
* time for some BLACK JACK session *

At night, we went back to my grandma's house in Jonker Street, the most happening street in town! It was so packed and so crowded with locals and tourists! People were even there to countdown for CNY! Seriously, that was my first time experiencing countdown for CNY! Anyway, that's all for today! Prepared to sleep early because we're goin visiting tomorrow! *happy*

* outside my grandma's house *
* along Jonker Street *



Activities Before, During & After Exam

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

Exams are over now! Quite relax but at the same time busy for CNY! Let's turn back time to 3rd of Jan 09.. It was Elaine Tan's wedding that day at Sunway Hotel. Parents went while me, Gab & Eugene went Sunway Pyramid! Oh before I forget, we went out with Yang who came back from UK too! We went to Mid Valley and had lunch at Carl's Junior! Love that day! So much!

* Swan + Stef + Yang *
* Yang and his ewwness *
* cousins*
* cousins + yang = crazee ** bet Yang miss Eugene alot *
* revenge = pleasure *
* Yang's good work *
* Us with our durian kuih *
* poser *
* us at the parking lot *
* mum & Steph *
* loving mum & dad *

We headed to Wendy's for dinner! I had mashed potatoes, Eugene had Caesar Salad while Gab had seafood burger i guess! Forgotten already! Then, we walked around there. Before we left, we had dessert at YogurBerry! Yummy Yummy!

* Eugene & his all time favourite *
* delicious *
* peach + kiwi + yogurt *

Next, it's time to pack and prepare to go back to uni to face "the last battle"! Goin back to uni is just like a mini house shifting! Only 3 of us goin back to uni, and yet we can filled up Eugene's car with stuffs! Lotsa stuffs.. Food supply, water supply, clothes, laptops, PC and many more! Thanks Eugene! =)

* laptops & desktop *
* our luggage bags *

Before the exams, we had to stay up for nites to finish up our coursework - Matlab & Simulink! Then, a cat appeared! Haha! Not literally appeared though. He went into Han Ming's house and appeared outside his room after his shower! He told us and now the cat, Mal Mal (pronounced as Meow Meow is stayin with me!

* mal mal with his curious look *
* when he was still SMALL *
* fetish - sleeping on shoulders *
* prey spotted *
* sleeping *
* me & mal mal *

During the exams, none of us have the mood to actually camwhore! Our first paper was Maths and it is enough to KILL us all! I'm not sure bout the rest but I find it so so tough! Our 2nd paper was still fine as most of the optional questions are from our example sheets! 3rd was Engineering Material! We were all expecting it to be one of the easiest paper but it seems that I don't have enough time for this paper. Oh gosh! The final paper, Basis of Biotech.. Never like this module, from the subject itself to the lecturers! Well.. Forget it! It's over!

* hapee faces after exam *
* cousins - zombies look-alike *
* Chong Ee is excited when Swan posted as if she's taking off her clothes *
* us without chong ee, eugene & han ming ** stressed up because coursework no found *
* - - - *
* say: " AH~" *
* Last picture taken before we leave uni *

On Tuesday, me & Swan went to One U instead of Time Square because she cant get a car! Sad.. But still I enjoyed my day! We had our lunch at Dave's cafe, a plate of cream carbonara with bacon is all we had for lunch! Next, we headed to shops! No pictures taken till we were at Chocolate Lounge!

* my cup of mocha fairlady *
* swan's eskimo *
* yummy dessert - SWEET! *
* perfect dessert of the day *
* indulging *

Wednesday is a super long day for me! Facial appointment at 12pm, collect contact lenses from U Wen at 11.45pm, pick bro up from school after facial, lunch then hairdo at DryCut will 7pm! Was supposed to attend PeiWei's surprise party but firstly it was too late, secondly it was raining heavily!

* de bottom part of my hair is dark blue, no longer brown *
* camwhore with bro *
* first bleaching *
* was just too bored *
* bro havin his haircut *
* after my first bleach *
* highlighting in progress *
* half way done *
* top view *
* done with the highlight - waiting *
* sorry! I made him waited for 4 hrs *
* woo~ GREEN! *
* not so obvious yet *
* love it! *

Today, it was rather boring.. Was home all day long! Anyway, I love my hair color now! It's so special! Bet none of the people around me has highlighted this before! Currently, the colour is not so obvious yet! Wait till I washed it a few more times! Enjoy!

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