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>> Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moments of life, what will you resemble when you mention moments in life? How much can you remember? Normally we only remember those things that gave impact to us. We don't usually remember each an every single moment that happen that's why I'm writing this post. Moments that might not happen in life anymore.

Today, I would like to share with you some interesting incidents. Hmm.. I think I shall just allow these pictures to the talking. Check them out!

Gigantic Hershey Kisses all the way from USA. *Thanks Chong Ee*

*super duper BIG Hersheys*


*Very much bigger than a 20 cents coin*

*top view*

Obeying orders (mum's order) to imitate Bubuu. *Thanks Chris*

*my darling Bubuu*

*receiving orders from MUM*

*Finally, the RESULT*

Filial son trying his best to contribute without realizing the danger. *Thanks Chen Yik*

*Preparing to climb*

*Painting in progress*

*A closer view*

Hard sell of room services. *Thanks to xxx* (P & C)

*Front view of THE business card*

*Obvious provided Service*

*Note that this card is made of water proof material - high quality*


Out of Stock

Hey guys.. Just a short update on what I've done for the past few days! Hmm.. Any McD fans out there? Perhaps McD breakfast? Two days back, on friday, me, mum and my bro went McD to have breakfast. We ordered a total of 3 sets. 2x Big Breakfast & a set of Sausage Egg McMuffin. We were at the queue for quite some time. Since it's still Hari Raya, we didn't wana complain bout the speed of the staff working.

After waited for about 4-5 minutes, the guy told us they will send the remaining 2 sets of Big Breakfast to us because it's not ready yet. So, we went back to our table. I started my meal while mum and bro had their hash browns first. I was almost done with my burger and yet their sets are not served yet. So, bro went to the counter to ask. Gosh! Sad to say that they only started preparing after my bro requested for it! What are they attempting to do? Earning extra by not serving? OR are they just SLOW?

*I'm almost done with my breakfast*

Fine. It's over. Since they've got their meal, we just ignored the service. When my mum prepared to start her meal, she asked, "Where's the fork and knife?" No choice, my bro went back to the counter and ask for it while me and my mum sat there waiting. Almost 10 minutes and my bro is not back yet. It couldn't be that slow right? When I was about to walk over to the counter, my bro came back and inform us that the forks and knives are OUT OF STOCK. OH my! OUT OF STOCK?!! How can that happen? It's McD, and for breakfast, there isn't enough supply of forks and knives? Forget about it. They ended up using spoons instead.

*Spreading chilli sauce with SPOON*

*Precious SpOOn in action*

My very first encounter: NO fork and knife for Big Breakfast..


Buffet Dinner at Vogue, Renaissance Hotel

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You must be wondering why am I always going to Renaissance Hotel for buffet? My mum signed up for their member and every member is entitled to a voucher book annually. This is the reason why we are always there! This time we went to Vogue Restaurant, West Win.

Hmm.. Vogue's range of food is not as wide as TEMPTations, the quality of the food is no where near the ones in TEMPTations. Anyway, we still had an enjoyable dinner! One thing that we all enjoyed was the Tiramisu! Oh gosh! It was so good! We all started of dinner with local delights. Beef curry, mutton curry, nasi goreng kampung, nasi belacan and many more.

While we were eating, we noticed that the table next to us can really eat! There's 2 aunties, 2 small girls and a teenage guy. Every plate was piled like a mountain high! Not exaggerating but that's the fact. I think the guy himself ate more than 15 oysters, uncountable plates of main course, fruits, chocolates, ice-cream and sushi! Too much for us to know how much has he eaten!

Then, we headed to the Western cuisine corner to grab some food and then had some satays too as the satays looked not bad. After having our main course, we moved on to the dessert, ice-cream, chocolates, and Malay kuih. Nothing much I can say because I didn't really enjoy. The ambience wasn't that good, it was so packed and so many kids running around. Grr~

Have a look at the pictures and be a judge for yourself!

*part of the buffet spread*

*baked cheese oyster, prawns, fish, stuffed tomato, satays & chicken*

*bro non stop eating*

*cutest mum ever posing*

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