Internship at Watson Wyatt

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey guys, I'm here to update you guys bout my internship at Watson Wyatt. It's located in Damansara Heights, opposite HELP main block. It all started when I received an email from my counselor. I didn't had the intention to work at first but I thought of giving it a try!

Oh well, I sent in my resume and 2 days later they called up. Interview was on last Thursday. The lady who interviewed me is the Head of Data Services Department. Very nice lady I would say. Everything went on quite smoothly and so here I am now working at Watson Wyatt.

* visitor pass for interview *
* formal : OL look *

Currently, I'm working in the Data Services Department. Oh well, do not look down on this department because it is here where we extract data, analyse data, validate data and finally produce a report based on the data.

There's a lot of restriction in our internet browsing. For example, facebook is only allowed during lunch time and after 5.30pm. Cute huh! I was viewing a page later sharp at 8.30am, "the page has been restricted by WebMarshall".. Haha! I was introduced to use Microsoft Office Communicator. It's like any other IM. I just have to add all my friends from my MSN list! *not too bad*

* my workplace *

Due to the weather, lack of water, lack of sleep and the quite fun Malacca Trip, I fell sick! Gosh! Horrible! This time everything came at once.. Fever, flu, sore throat, cough, asthma and body ache! I was quite worried at first as these are quite similar to H1N1 symptoms. Seek doctor for advice last night but he said not to worry. So, that's me at the moment.

* variety *
* wanna share? *

After increasing the dosage of fever pills from 3 times a day (each time 2 tablets )to 6 times a day (each time 2 tablets), I'm recovering! *thank God* Tomorrow, I will be going for a camp! Youth camp to be exact organised by CoUZ from SIBKL. Hope I will be fit for it so that I can enjoy! =)

Steph will be away from FRI till SUN!!

See Ya!


Tiong Nam Branch Family Day 09

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey guys! I just came back from Malacca yesterday. Fuuhh! Tired.. It was a 2D1N trip to Malacca and we stayed at A' Famosa Resort! There were a total of 43 person participated in the trip. We started our journey at nearly 7am last Saturday.

* meet up at the branch *

* heading to breakfast at Kocik Kitchen *

* breakfast *Align Center
* some of them *

* another bunch sitting further inside *

After breakfast, we brought them around the town. We went Jonker Street, Stadhuys, the Malacca River Cruise and Jason's for cendol. Due to time constrain, we headed back to Kocik Kitchen for lunch and then went to Tan Kim Hock for durian Chendol.

Align Center* group picture *

* another one *

* from the top *

* Malacca River Cruise *
* hungry for lunch *

* Tan Kim Hock *

* Cendol moments *

After having cendol, we left for A' Famosa to check-in to our bungalow. Too bad I didn't take a picture of the villas we stayed! We were so tired partly because of the hot weather. We played cards to pass time while those from bungalow 3 have the wild moments in the pool!

* check in counter *

* total of 10 cars ** water ghosts hunting for mum *

* card session *

Dinner at the Club House was definitely the worst moment as the food was totally yucky! I ended up having fruits and bread. Next, we went to Cowboy Town for the Red Indian Show. The show was not bad but to compare to the show we had in Gold Coast, the standard is way below average.

* buffet dinner *

* Cowboy Town *

* the colleagues *

We went back to our bungalow around 10 something. After shower, we went over to Bungalow 3 for Karaoke session! Sorry no photos was taken! The next morning, we had breakfast and then had tele-match! It was so much fun! The overall winner of the tele-match was Charlie's Angel!

* breakfast at the condo *

* bro with the bread *
* cheeky people *

* at the entrance *

* with the board *

* on the run *

* warm up exercise *

* the ultraman *

* with our mummies ** my dear bro *

* final group photo *

After sweating at the field, we headed back to our bungalow to shower. After that, we had lunch and check-out. During the lunch, many of them were suspected as gays! Check out the pictures below! For more coverage of this trip, do check out my facebook album!

* CK and Chris *

* with uncle Josh *

* the BOSS *

* end of the trip *


Chris's Birthday Dinner

Happy Belated Birthday Bro!

I love You!

We had a surprise dinner for him last Friday night at my uncle's steamboat restaurant. We didn't let him know till we reached. He was so surprised to see uncle Kuan Yew there. Anyway, I just hope he's happy!

* 6 sets of these *
* alvin trying to get what he likes *
* the tomyam soup is yummy *
* al's favourite mushroom *
* mum ordering more *

The food was great! Gab bought him a cake from RT Cake House, his favourite cake. Everybody enjoyed the meal and most importantly, the fellowship keeps us together!

* making a wish *
* the cheeky boy cutting the cake *
* lovely family portrait *
* the man of the nite *
* playing game through bluetooth *

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