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>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Yesterday was a day Mr. Christopher & Ms. Stephanie spent their day over at McD. The whole plan was to study and so we did. Not much but consider reasonable. We had our breakfast and lunch there. Lunch was at around 4pm when we were very hungry.

You know what do I mean by hungry? When you have to double up your intake.. LIKE THIS!

* double spicy chicken McDeluxe *
* barely fit his mouth *
* the ultimate solution *



>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

My month of march is really happening! Bet many of you have viewed my albums on Facebook. But if you haven't, no worries, you can still an insight of my life here! Have fun!

It's a month filled with birthdays! I'll go one by one briefly so I can at least wish them a BELATED birthday here!

Shean's 4th
Our very darling princess turns 4 this year and of course, all of us went back to malacca for her party! The lil girl was very very happy to see all of us back there to celebrate with her and most importantly she gets her presents from all of us!

* the cheeky girl *
* she was actually posing *
* shy cz she was caught posing *

My aunt, in the other hand was busy with the setting up of the "banquet"! Lotsa yummy food were prepared. All in all, we enjoyed our time!

* food *
* my lil poser *
* birthday cake *
* handmade sticker by me *

I hereby pray that God will continue to watch over this lil cousin of mine and her family. Protect them, cover them from all harm. Keep them safe and sound and hopefully one day they'll come to know You! All this I pray, AMEN!

* family *

Daddy's 55th
Time flies and daddy has finally reached his retirement age! Another milestone of his life has been achieved. Daddy to me never feels that old actually until this year. I see the wrinkles on his hands. I hear more nagging. I see he no longer has the stamina to do the extra miles. Here, I would like to dedicate a simple note to him although I know he'll never gonna come across this post unless my mum shows him.

"Dad, you're great! You have been a great dad! It's time you lay back and relax. You have been working real hard for us and for the bank. It's time you put down these baggages and start to enjoy life. Sorry for all the worries we've created for you. Sorry for all the unnecessary arguments just because we felt so reluctant to listen. Sorry for the ego and temper we have. I hope you really forgive us. You have been driving us all over and patiently waited for us. Be it only for an hour or 5 hours, you still waited without any complains. Dad, I love you and I truly do! I pray that God will continue to keep you strong in all aspects! It's a blessing that you have retired. I pray for your health, happiness and safety. I hope that you will continue to seek Him as He leads you in your days to come. Love Him and love yourself. Lastly, I wana take this opportunity to thank everything you have provided us all these years. I love you dad! Happy belated birthday!"

We had a birthday dinner for dad at Restoran Hee Lai Ton over at Shaw Parade, Pudu. Friends and family were invited and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves very much with all the catching ups!

* the girl & i *
* tiff & shean *
* the papa mama generation *
* yumz *
* RT cake house *
* happy family *

Chong Ee's 23rd
For those who doesn't know him, he's my housemate since year 2. He's one fun friend that you'll never regret having. On his big day, we celebrated at Saisaki, Wisma UOA II. This cutie macho subsidised our meal. Thanks Chong Ee! The fun we had that night is something I'll never forget. It was an awesome event with very awesome people.

* what girls do best when they are stuck in jam * 
* camwhore *
* bday boi *
* all time gay-ers *
* hapi people *
* 12 pax *
* lovely *
* curiousity *
* present giving *
* swan's msg to chong ee *
* all of us *
* mwahh *

After dinner, we head over to yang's place to chill. It was indeed a very warm night where all of us gone crazy with yoga and exercise sessions! In short, a night to remember.

* CY & cigar *
* animal massage service *
* us with cigar *
* orgasmic face *
* tryin to act macho *
* yang the most flexible *
* chong ee envy *
* so he tried showing off new skills *
* peng sang trying to impress us *

Other than birthday celebrations, there were many happening activities too!

Short's House Warming
On this day, I was like the official photographer for his party. The best part is still meeting up with KnK. Although not all of them turned up, but still happy! It's really good to meet up once in a while.

* God knows what ming & leng doing on the bed *
* the lovely couple *
* mah with the lense *

* 7 orang pendek *
* birthday girl and her family *
* carlsberg advert *
* yuan & stef *
* 真情流露 *
* love it *
* model of the nite *
* she's enjoying *
* sherry and the orang pendek *
* birthday girl & i *
* in her room *

NBL Opening Ceremony
I was invited to be the photographer for this event in my uni! It's really my honour to do this and I really treasure this opportunity as I haven't really done any shots for sports event before!

* official ball for NBL *
* panda vs shark *
* officials table *
* 2 on 1 *
* he shoots *
* injured *
* awesome *
* they just like smelling each other *
* keganasan *
* bangs *
* carl shoots *
* basketball court *
* during the ceremony *

I'm really happy all of them love the pictures taken! Many of them used it as profile picture as well. Aww~ I'm happy. At least, the photos are not ugly.

* players *

Earth Hour
A worldwide event participated by many parties. This applied to me as well! We had dinner at Lerk Thai, Jusco near Wangsa Maju. We took this hour to really camwhore! It was fun!

* thai restaurant *
* menu *
* my retarded bro *
* my cutie mummy *
* cheeky me *
* tomyam *
* pineapple rice *
* green curry *
* red curry *
* sambal rice *
* pandan chicken *
* poser *
* jusco *
* candlelight *
* earth hour *
* eating fire *
* emo kid *
* an hour of darkness cleared our vision and mind *

Annual Dinner
This is one big event that I'm gonna blog a post on itself! To summarize this event, everything was awesome except the dinner itself! Hahaha.. Wonderful company, unforgettable moment.

* annual dinner @ Shangri-La *

Important Event(s)
The birth of my darling D90 is definitely a milestone in my life! From the day I got my D3000, I thought I'm gonna stick with it at least for a year or two. I really didn't expect to get this. I personally think if I didn't manage to sell my D3000 at such high price, I wouldn't have bought D90!

Besides, I got myself N97 mini as well! Weee~ Partially subsidized by mum and bro as birthday present! Love it so much as not many people using. But now, I'm broke! =P

* my mini *

Oklar.. That's all for now. I shall continue the happenings in the month of April in a day or two! Hope this will keep you to stay with this blog for a while!

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