Not by Coincidence..

>> Friday, May 7, 2010

Not by coincidence..

I'm studying in University of Nottingham..
I'm in UNMC Basketball Club..
I met them..

Lastly, it's definitely not by coincidence that they had this party for me, a party to countdown to the moment I turn 22. It was definitely an AWESOME party with really nice bunch of friends. Although we have not known each other for very long, but our friendship is more than words can describe.

* best present *
* me and the 3D card *

I'm really happy and touched by them for throwing me a birthday party. This is my very first birthday party in my uni days, and I bet this will be my last one. Indeed, it is one of the most memorable birthday I've ever had! Thanks guys! I really appreciate your thoughts!

* sausages *
* steph & hui yen *
* the organiser(s) *
* making a BIG wish *
* BBQ food *
* my bday cake *

There were some AWESOME highlights as well! Have a look at the 2 pretty ladeh! Aren't they HAWT??! Phewwit!

* monkey gawd *
* OMG *

Thanks guys for making my 22nd birthday a memorable one!
This is my final birthday in uni and I'll never forget this day!
Love u guys!



>> Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear friends,

Some of you might be informed that my bro is infected with H1N1. I really need your prayers for him and my family. I know your prayers will help. Thanks for all those who called and concerned. I truly pray that my brother will recover faster and my family will be protected.




Everyone in this world has something very precious to them. Some would think family is the most precious, some might say love is important. Money, power and fame can be precious to some of them too! What's your most precious? Have you ever thought of this?

For me, nothing is more precious than my family. They are the ones who are always there for me no matter what happens. They are the ones who always care although I showed my temper. They are the ones who always listen to my ranting when I needed someone! Oh well, my stupid driver actually inspires me for this post! He showed me a blog, a very touching one. Those who can read chinese can check it out but for those who can't it's ok. I'll just briefly describe bout her life. In her recent posts, she expressed herself to the readers how much she misses her boyfriend who met with an accident 8 days back. What a tragedy? Can you imagine how will your life be if your most precious is taken away from you? What will you do? Will you blame God?

In life there are too many earthly things that caused us to forget what is the core in life. Imagine you lost your dearest family member and you were unhappy and you think life has no meaning anymore. You will eventually land up in mental illness. You will then be a burden to your family members. I bet all your loved ones will be very sad to see you like that. What more your Father in heaven who created you? No one will feel more than He does. This applies to a relationship as well. Holding on to a relationship that is not gonna work will not lead you anywhere better; instead, it will cause you to go crazy! I'm not kidding because this happened to me before. Oh well, I'm not gonna share much but there's one thing I would like to say is that do not harm yourself because you will hurt those who cares for you. Never think it's the end of the world because tomorrow will always be a better day! Look forward to tomorrow as you will never know what God has in store for you and me!

Yesterday's CoUZ was really awesome. The word and praise and worship really touched my heart. Every word sang pierced right into my heart. I really thank God for touching me last night. I really felt much better after that! You see, when you think life has fallen to the lowest point of your life, God will always be there to lend you a hand. Falling down is just a way God trains you to be a tougher person so you can strive further in life! Do believe, have faith in Him as He'll never fail you!

Dear friends, take a break in life and ponder what really matters. Stop dwelling in small matters and in the end neglecting the bigger ones. I've found mine, have you?


Project Winter Wonderland

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is our very first project with one new bunch of colleagues! It was really a very fun journey working with them. Although we didn't get the tender but we are satisfied to be shortlisted as the top3 finalist! *clap clap*

Oh well.. We were divided into smaller groups to increase our efficiency at work. For me, I'm the product designer! *phewwit* I love making all these.. I have tonnes of prototype I've created before; one of the very famous one is iPhone 4G[u]. It was inspired iPhone 3G[s].

 * alike *
* the box is way too big *

Back to the product of this project! We received an request from a toy company who intends to market some new product during christmas. Of course there are some criteria to meet. It has to be a paper product which are safe for kids aging from 3-8 years old. Besides, it has to be fun and educational.

 * logistic manager *
 * serious discussion *
 * professionals *

**fast forward** The final decision was made - the Wonder Bingo! Have a look! It's really fun!

* materials *
* lines for the wheel *
* manually drawn *
* chopped manually with scissors *
* nicely arranged *
* the spinner *
* 70% done *

The prototype was completed in 6hrs and I think it's quite nice! *self-praise* Anyway, really great experience and I really hope we all benefit from this project! Winter Wonderland is the best!

* nice *
* final product *

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