Day Out with my Baby

>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Haha! After having my new baby, of course I need to make full use of him right? I was out last thursday from morning till night with my baby! I was learning to play around with the "A" & "S" plus the ISO of course. I had so much fun! Thanks Dan!

* my hall *
* met her at the ring *
* skates *
* the 9 year old *
* she's just cute *

Had bak kut teh in the morning, went skating, had shooting session at the basketball machine, movie and lastly headed to lookout point! It was a fruitful day! I enjoyed myself! Thanks again.. Have a look at some of the pictures taken that day. (I'm sorry for the not so nice photos as I'm still new to my camera!)

* the tower *
* from the top of the tower *
* wonderful sunlight *
* God's creation *
* more of it *
* from another view *
* as the sun sets *
* magnificent *
* my dinner *
* falling in love *
* wonderful *
* have u ever notice the sky? *
* sunset *
* KL city view *
* as it gets darker *
* night view*

Disclaimer: These photos are all original copies. No editing were made. Feel free to comment! Thanks!


Life without YOU!

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As some of you are aware of that I have been missing from MSN and Facebook for quite some time! In fact, today is my 17th day of fasting! The main reason I'm fasting MSN and Facebook is because I spent too much time there!

It's challenging! No joke! Guys, I challenge you guys to do the same too! You'll find out that you can actually do many many things when you're away from the comp! Will update on my photos soon! See ya!


My New Baby

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey guys!

Introducing to you..

My new baby!!!

** Nikon D3000 **

* just got it today *


Happier than Ever

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peng Sang!

Look at this!


Thanks to my dear Mal Mal!

I'm so happy to see this!


Elisha's 21st Secret Birthday Bash

After captain ball 2 sundays back, we went for Elisha's secret birthday bash organised by his parents! How sweet of them ya? They really put in a lot of effort to make this a success! However, me being "quite" blur, revealed the secret unintentionally. *sorry* But, fortunately Dan did a bigger mistake than I do! Haha! So, not so guilty already.. *winks*

That day, I had to make up a lot of stories to hide this from Elisha. He knows there's a party but he has no idea who is invited nor where will it be held! Good thing I'm familiar with Kepong! After shower, we headed straight to his house. When we arrived..

* Elisha upon request gave us that face *
* Elisha the bday boy *

While we were waiting for Pastor Lindy & Nick's arrival, everyone was occupied with their own activities. Some were listening to Dan as he share with them the mission trip, some were busy camwhoring around and some were just catching up with each other.

* showing them pictures *
* see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil *

Upon Lindy's arrival, we moved to the dinner table waiting for the party to begin! After blessing the food and Elisha, we started eating! The food was superb! The potato salad and the macaronis were so so GOOD!

* dinner table *
* being blessed *
* the only pic with Alex *
* Clarice & Steph *
* Han Rick & Steph *

Next, the cake cutting ceremony! As we all gathered around Elisha, we sang, he blew, he cut and he gave a speech! At last, we even made him kissed his parents and his parents kissed him too!

* his new guitar *
* muaxx muaxx *
* high school mates *

* cute cute poses *

After that, the camwhore session began! This is seriously a crazy one! It all started with wai kin showing off his camwhore skills to his darling Tzyy Jeng! Hahah! Everyone else got so hyped up after that.. Tzyy Jeng tried hard but still not as cute as the rest! *obviously* Haha!

* waikin & jeng *
* the flower pose *
* waikin & peiling *
* waiking, Steph & elisha *
* han rick & merlvyn wanna join in too *
* jon & alvin being forced *

Lastly, we ended the party with a BIG family photo! We all enjoyed ourselves! Thanks Elisha and family for the warm welcome! Note that Alex is not in the photos because he wasn't well that night and slept throughout the party in Elisha's room!

* the normal one *
* Gila one *


Mission Trip

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back again with an update regarding my very first mission trip! We went to an orang asli village in Tanjung Malim called Kampung Chinggung! To my surprise, that place is quite well developed. Oh well, when I hear the word orang asli, shallow minded person like me will relate them to jungle, atap houses and all. That's why I didn't expect to see houses with ASTRO!!!

* the couple *
* the village we went *
* the surrounding *

It was quite a last minute for me actually as I only decided to go one week before the trip! At the meantime, I was in-charged of the activities! Was kinda nervous at first, but thanks to the people around me, I made it!

**fast forward** We went into the jungle to chop bamboo just for us to experience their culture. It's sad to hear that for each bamboo their chopped, they're only able to sell for RM0.70! Yes! It's not RM7 but RM0.70! This shows how much hard work must they put in in order to support their living!

* joanne, Steph & clarice *
* our journey to the bamboo *
* me and the bamboo *
* DanLo *
* the lil boy *

It's a very good experience for all of us because I personally think if we were not to be there, we will never know how lucky we are in our life! Kids nowadays can just chill at Starbucks with a cup of Caramel Frappucino which cost RM13.50 for the large size! How many RM0.70 must they earn in order to buy that drink? Guys, think about it..

After that, we had our lunch before having our LAGU-LAGU session! It was real JOY to see the kids singing while doing the actions! I was overwhelmed by their participation! Michael is really good with the kids! Have a lot to learn from him!

* the guitarist of the day *
* the loving pair *
* me, acting like a pro telling him the chords *
* i miss them *

The games section was superb! Although it was a lil messy in the beginning, but things went on quite smoothly! The kids enjoyed themselves! Not only them, but I think WE enjoyed as well! The flour war was CRAZY! Some of them really enjoyed the time eating flour! Hahahah!

* michael the demonstrator *
* kids enjoying the games *
* blindfolded *
* elisha + steph *
* my love *
* tired yet energetic people *
* waiting for prizes to be given out * * them giving me flowers *
* Han Rick got some flowers too *
* he got so happy over the flowers and started posing *

Lastly was the river experience! Gosh! It was so cold! But then.. too bad I didn't have any pictures of that! Anyway, this is really a great exposure!

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