Bits and Pieces of My CNY

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hey guys! Gong Xi Fatt Chai on this Chap Goh Mei and this means that Chinese New Year has come to an end. How was your celebration? Mine was awesome. 

I shall not go in detail day by day because for those who are aware, my Facebook albums shows that I'm out everyday! I shall just briefly share with you some of the unforgettable(s) of my very own CNY this year.

Reunion Lunch & Family Portrait
Lunch was nothing different compared to the ones we have every year but this time with ALL my relatives around, not missing a single one. After lunch, we headed to a "photo studio" for family portrait. To our surprised/disappointment, it's a rather NOOB "studio". I don't even call it a studio because it's a kedai runcit with a small space for shooting.

* reunion lunch *
* zha bo session *
* make-up session *
* the noob setting *
* not professional at all *
* family *
* Goh Family *
* compulsory camwhore *
 * the girls *

Lion Dance & Cousin Sessions
This year we arrived at my 2nd aunt's place late and we've missed the lion dance. The guys had their poker session with monopoly money. It was quite hilarious to see my uncles pressuring the young ones to go all in. LOL! In short, it was a good one although most of the cousins are abroad.

* those who was there early *
* civil engineer *
* the poker players *
* + the old man *
* funny hairstyle *
* n he shoots *
* dragon(s) *
* lou ar *
* sam, swan & stef *
* the YAP(s) *

A reunion after so long since I met them, the KnK. The night before Chuang heads back to Tassie land, we went for dinner. Chuang picked me and Fatt joined us. It was a Jap dinner over at Menjalara before we headed to Short's place. It was a great one over there!

* yum seng *
* cheers *
* 合酒交杯 *
* yee sang *
* KnK *
* lou sang *
* messy *
* chuang & stef *

We went for dim sum the next morning plus lunch over at Chuang's place. I bet all of us were amazed with the "JOKES" that noon. See you soon!

* finished *
* thinking how to pose *
* + han cheong *

Another session with friends was with my dear cell members. We had our cell CNY dinner and then we headed to Lindy's for another session of fellowship! Healthy black jack and Xbox was fun!

 * another lou sang *
* alex finished everything *
* 9 dishes *
* futbol *
* competition *
 * Black Jack *
* exercise at 12am *
* Glow United *

Family Friends
There were too many dinners this CNY. Weight is catching up but CNY visiting is never bored! Here are the different types of Yee Sang I've eaten this CNY! Check out my facebook for more photos!

* hin hua mee sua *
* pineapple tarts *
* alvin's place *
* lou sang *
* fiesta *
* poker session *
 * mag's hse *
 * cell's *
* hee lai ton restaurant *
* homemade *
* pik wah restaurant *
* short's place *

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