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>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

It has been some time since I have this account.. I know it might be a little late to start my very FIRST blog now but at least I'm here to start it since everyone around me enjoys blogging! Hrm.. I really wonder how can people can actually write up so much on a post!

It's a new semester for me and life is getting alot more hectic for me.. But at least people around me are supportive enough that I can overcome my stress. CNY is round the corner but I'm still not done with shopping yet! *sad*

Last wednesday was Thaipusam and we went shopping crazee at Sunway Pyramid 2 that day since we haven't been there yet.. Me and my friends left house at 10.15am and reached home at 11pm! That's a WoW for guys that shopped with us.. The moment we reached, we headed to the highest floor and there is where our shopping began..

We went into almost every shop trying on different clothes and I ended up with 2 dresses, a statement Tee & a cute pouch! All of us got our self something & the best thing was we made yang sang on the chair in TGIF!! The whole story started when.......

We decided to have our teatime at fridays since yang said the dessert is nice.. So we headed to TGIF and a naughty thought came across my mind.. When we reached, I spoke to the manager so that we can have the crew singing for yang.. Everything went fine.. from having our seats till we settles down with our food! All of a sudden, the crew came and ask yang for his name... bla bla bla... and there goes the party! woo hoo.. It was fun to see a fren standing up high trying to blow the candles.. and then sang for us! I bet it will be a memorable day for all of us..

From left: (top) swan, gene & u-ling(bottom) gab, 4 of them & ME..

Classes resume after Thaipusam.. We all went to class with our NEW statement tees!! after enjoying our holiday, we have to rush rush rush to finish my courseworkSSSSS... More and more workload is killing me!! haha.. I think i shall end my FIRST post now.. I hope my 2nd post will be up soon!!

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