>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

What comes into mind when you come across the above title? I bet the first thing that came across your mind is Batu Caves! Haha..

* no piercing involved *
* not in batu cave *

Oh well, we didn't visit Batu Caves or done anything related to Thaipusam. We just had a dinner after 8 years. *wow* It's such a long period isn't it? What is in common between the 5 girls who met? I was from the same class as Stacie in 2001, same class as Mun Yee in 2002, same school as Mandy in 2003-2005 and Swan, my cousin, of course I have more in common with her. I seem to be related to every single one of them but all of them got to know each other in tuition back in 2002!

CLICK! only if u are a ex-student in this tuition group..

It was rather hard for us to meet up although we all stay relatively near to each other because everyone is busy with their own life. I was so thankful that we make it a point to meet up last night! It was awesome. Initially we intended to head to Gardens Cafe for dinner but it was so so pack and lastly we ended up in Bubba Gump.

* started camwhore *
* mandy posing *

Although it has been sometime since we met, we didn't run out of topic at all. All we did was talk and talk and talk.. NON STOP! That's what girls do when few meet up!

* sitting opposite of me *
* pretty ladies *
* unforgettable *

The food at Bubba Gump was rather ok as 2 of us shared a set meal. It consists of one bottomless drink, a caesar salad, cheesy bread, a main course and a dessert! All this for only RM55++ which is quite worth it. We even managed to get a 10% discount! *winks*

 * signage *
* caesar salad *
 * cheezy bread *
 * new york strip steak *
 * something chicken *
* bread pudding with cinnamon *
* chocolate chips with ice cream *
* cleared *
* posers *
* lovely cousins *

We left that place around 10.45pm I think and headed to another venue for camwhore session! Crazy girls night out is the best thing ever! Can't wait to have MORE!

* the ladies outside sanctuary *
* us again *
* emo *
 * attn : mun yee *
* ex- st. marians *
* hearts *
* another hotspot *
 * finally we're leaving *

p/s: credits to Stacie and Swan as some of the pictures are grabbed from their Facebook albums.


Shopping + Movie

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the 2nd day of this semester and there is still no connection! *arrgh* How bad can that be? Oh well.. I had my first FYP of this semester at 10am. *yawn* Meeting only lasted for 30 mins and then I'm all prepared for shopping.

We left Semenyih around 12pm. **fast forward** We started surveying clothes around TimeSquare and next to Lowyat for Sushi Zanmai. After lunch, we went to Sg. Wang. 6th floor was our first target! According to them, that floor has nicer varieties and the best thing is you get to TRY!!

 * shopping haven *

* berjaya time square *

* softshell crab maki *
* curry rice *
* unadon *
* u ling *
* swan & her green tea *

Time left not much for me as I'm meeting bee for another round of shopping elsewhere. Well, I managed to buy 3 pieces including a high waist floral skirt. Love it! I met bee around 5pm and off we go to KLCC because we'll be catching WooHoo! there.

* the time is 0:20pm *
* RM1 *
* movie *
 * awesome *

He got a pair of Nike and 2 sets of polo tee + short pants. The day ended with the movie "wooHoo!". It was awesome. It was so funny that I laugh till i teared and some parts were touching that I teared too. For a local production, I personally think that this is really a kick-off point for the chinese movie production and I'm sure they have set a pretty high benchmark for the upcoming local productions! *2 thumbs up*



>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's the first day of the semester and it's not good because I don't have internet connection. Therefore, we decided to have a thorough cleaning at home since we have NOTHING to DO!

Swan, Eugene and I started cleaning around 2.30pm and ended around 5.30pm. 3 hrs of cleaning is really tiring! We started off by shifting stuff out of the house. Then, remove or rather dispose unwanted items into the garbage bag.

* after shifting out some of the furniture *
* junks *
  * dear christmas tree *

Next, i started the vacuuming process and it lasted me freaking long because there were 3 lizards! Friends who know me well enough will surely be able to predict how it was like when I encounter these evil thingy!

* 70% done *
* abandoned *
* 10 times cleaner than before *
* me mopping *

* I'm lovin' it *

* telephone booth *

* swan with the tree *

* swan with the tree + the broom *

* me cleaning the porch *

**fast forward** Done cleaning and mopping the living hall and we paused.. Thinking whether should we clean the kitchen as well or should we wait for Chong Ee to clean it? Swan hesitated and started doing part of the cleaning as she knows our beloved friend will not be bothered to clean any further. Haha!

* them cleaning the kitchen *

* too dirty *

Do not ask how the hall become so empty and where all the stuff disappeared to because it is never meant to be revealed! *winks* Anyway, at the end of the cleaning, we ended up with 3 super big bags of garbage!

* phewwit *
* awesome *
* clean *

* dismantling the cord *
* woo *
* broken : do not buy from tesco *

It's really so so clean that we don't mind sitting on the floor but we were all very tired. Before showering, we had few rounds of mahjong before heading up to clean ourselves for dinner.

 * mahjong *
* garbage *

All in all, I love my day spent with my housemates! We had fun during the cleaning session, we had funny jokes during mahjong sessions and definitely our dinner was great. Treasure it while you still can because the ultimate nightmare is about to began!

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