Getaway to Phuket

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hey guys! Some of u might know that I'm currently away from KL.. Taking a break from the busy city.. Here I am with 8 awesome people in Karon Beach, Phuket!

I'm just dropping by to pen down a few things we did on our very first day of the trip.. It was definitely a super fruitful day I would say as we literally walked the whole day..

First of all, I would like to thank Jon & Debbie who recommended us to this awesome hotel in Karon Beach called CC Bloom's.. We paid only 1100 baht per nite (MYR110 equivalent) for a 3 star hotel but getting the room and services of a 4 star hotel!

We had a short nap after checking in and later on headed out to Patong town.. There we had McD's samurai pork burger set for 157baht.. And den headed to scout for activities packages! Indeed we had a super good deal.. Eg. Island hopping trip - 1500 baht for 6 islands + lunch + snorkelling session, FantaSea show at only 1100 baht when outside is selling for 1500!!!

Later today, we headed to Premium Square Factory Outlet. Last but not least, we went to Naka Night Market and I think this night Market is super awesome!

Okla! I shall stop here for now.. See you guys Tomoro.. Good night!

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Location:Patak 14,Mueang Phuket,Thailand


Dropping by with Apple

>> Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey guys! How's everything? It has been an OK morning so far as I didn't have to drive to work, plus I didn't have that much work to be done today!

This explains why I have time to download this app to be used to blog during this hour! Hahaahah! Quite fun! Anyway, can't wait till I meet them tonight! See yah!

- signing off -

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Cows & Leaves to the Lion City

>> Monday, May 2, 2011

In June last year, Chris and I had a super spontaneous trip to Singapore.. It all started with, "Che, can we go somewhere this school holiday?" Haha! I know it's kinda random but definitely no regrets making a trip down!

That was the first time I went on an "oversea" trip with bro! It was even FUN-er when we met with the cows, OOPS! I mean Kow's over there! For me, Singapore is not an alien place for me because I went there a year ago & I've covered most of the place I should. It's more of the company that matters..

As usual, we travelled down by bus, First Coach - the all time favourite, comfy yet affordable for budget travellers like us! When we arrived, we got ourselves a simpack for easy communication and it only cost us $8! Next, we have to find our way to our grandaunty's place in Compassvale, Sengkang!

* in the bus *

After dropping our luggages and had a short chat with grandaunt, we left for the town to meet the Kow's! First stop - Orchard Road! As a tour guide to my brother, how can I not show him the main shopping district?

* malls *
* town district *
* all time poser *
* shopping *
* resemblance *
* fetish *

We met up with them and shopped around till around 6pm we separated.. They went to have dinner with their uncle while we went to Clarke Quay, one happening tourist spot!

* nice view at nite *
* 360 reverse bungee *

After a wonderful sleep, it's a brand new day again! Today, we had awesome breakfast prepared by grandaunt. After breakfast, time to meet the Kow's again! With 3 girls + 1 guy, we definitely did a lot of camwhoring!

* meet up point *
* discussion *
* sushi for lunch *
* before we proceed to next stop *
* fountain of wealth *
* siblings *
* me at the fountain *
* posers *

Later in the noon, we headed to the Toy Museum.. I would say it's a lil' overrated for me as I think the collections are pretty much avail in other places. Oh well, the best part was the couch! What more could you ask for?

* 95's *
* almost there *
* obsession *
* mickey *
* nap at the museum *

To compliment to our rest, we need to fill our tummy! We made our way to Bugis by foot! YES! We walked all the way to Bugis. Not too far away but definitely not a short distance. We spotted a decent place for "tea-ner" at 5pm! It's by MOF, Ministry of Food, so it shouldn't be too bad! The best thing was the PRICE!!! 50% of for the pizza!

* cheeky *
* winks *
* on our way *
* too hungry *
* habissss *

After dinner, we called it a day after an hour plus walk in Bugis Junction!

* the aircon-ed site *
* ion *
* across the road : non aircon-ed *
* satisfied buyer *

48 hrs has passed and it's the 2nd last day of our trip! Today, I brought Chris to the Merlion! How can a tourist miss the Merlion? Hahah.. We had the whole morning to ourselves till we met Aunty Evelyn for lunch! It was nice catching up with her after N-years..

* him *
* her *
* she *
* he *
* the view is captivating *
* with the merlion *
* starbucks on a HOT HOT day *
* tourist spot *
* aunty & i *

Later on, she brought us to Vivo City because Chris needs to shop!! Hahah! Omgee! TANGS over in Singapore is a must visit during the annual Great Singapore Sales! Chris got his Tiger Onisuka & Guy Laroche wallet at a super reasonable price! You definitely can't get it back here..

* snowman *
* satisfied buyer *
* LRT station *
* awesome buy *

At about 6pm, we had to rush back to Ee Poh Daisy's place for dinner because my granduncle wanted to meet us. It was a pleasant meal & it was kinda hard for us to ask for permission to head out again to Vivo City to meet the Kow's!

* lonely *
* <3 *
* 2 cow + 1 leaf *
* 2 + 2 *
* gurls *
* arrgh~ *
* YAPs *
* KOWs *

The view and environment there at night is super duper awesome.. Super chilling! We were lying down on the deck and chit chat till about 1130, we know we have to leave! Time to say bye bye again!

* Clarke Quay *
* Wheelock Place *
* ancient *
* Bugis *
* love it *
* crowd *
* merlion *
* Singapore *

That night, I realised I had sunburn on my shoulders but it was worth it! *winks* Time to pack up and ready to go back again.. Bus is at 1030 and things happened in the morning! We were THIS close to missing the bus but God is GOOOD! He answered our prayer & literally slower time for us to be there right before departure! I guess this concludes our trip. I hope you enjoy reading and more exciting stories will be coming up soon!

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